Importance of Psychiatry and Mental Health

by Akash Sharma Akash Sharma
With the rise of reported mental health and behavioral health issues, Psychiatry is more important to the general public than ever before and, it does seem a bit confusing as to why people still tend to ignore the consequences of leaving these symptoms untreated. The suicide rate of Americans aged between 35 and 64 years saw a 29% increase between 1999 and 2010 according to the report of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  The rate of employees reporting mental health issues to their employers has risen to two out of every five workers in Europe. With the recent of tremendous amounts of studies in this field, an increase in global awareness and a slight shift in the attitude of people towards treating and helping those with behavioral or mental health issues has likely brought more of these cases to light.  

But the question still remains as to why people are still so hesitant to pay for psychiatric services as opposed to other forms of medical help or assistance? The reality is that just like any other body part of yours; your mind is just as important.  For instance, if you broke your leg, would you refuse modern medical expertise in order to help it heal properly? Most people would, as they sensibly should, end up going to their doctor or a hospital, have the bone set, wrapped in a cast and after serving the cast time, possibly even utilize physical therapy.

While mental or behavioral issues will never not as be physically as evident as a broken bone, the reality is that they are still the same. In order to heal one’s self properly, it is very important that you start treating mental and behavioral health issues same as you would any physical ailment. Modern science and medical advances DO work, and have shown significant results for thousands and hundreds of thousands of patients over the past decades.

Here is why it’s important to invest in psychiatry and mental health services:

The Results Are Often Very Quick

While generally every mental health condition varies on a case by case basis, some more severe and some less, patients are able to appreciate results usually within several days, weeks or months. Whether one is recommended psychiatric medications, different methods of psychotherapy or numerous other psychological treatments and methods, contemporary medicine has massively increased the success rate, and spending on treatment is well worth it.

Modern Psychiatry Deals With All Health Issues

Handling the behavioral or mental health symptoms is just one fragment of the equation – we also are able to focus on one’s overall health, such as eating right, basic medical conditions or physical activity. So when you invest in contemporary psychiatric services, it is a well-rounded program that addresses all of the requirements in a patient’s individual life.

Care Hospitals Utilize A “Team” Approach

The view of Care group of hospital on modern psychiatry is to use a variety of different behavioral and mental health professionals. They recognize that not every case is a “one size fits all” solution, and their experts understand that different situations require different approaches. Their mental and behavioral health experts are trained and educated on variations within the industry to better serve their patients and their families and this has been the driving factor for them being arguably the best psychiatry hospital in Hyderabad.  

Care Hospitals have your mental and behavioral well-being as their highest priority, and an investment in your mental health is as important as any other issue with your body.

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