If I Walk in STD Clinic in Arlington, What Will People Say?

by STD Express Clinic Doctor
Most people shy away from STD testing. They assume they are fine. They have a reason to back their assumption – “I have no symptoms.” Little do they know that most STDS show no symptoms! 

Yes, it’s true you may not want to reveal your sexual life to somebody you don’t know; but wisdom says there are two kinds of people in this world with whom you must be completely honest – your lawyer and your doctor. It is for your own benefit. 

Some people do not undergo a test simply because they are afraid the test might come out positive! This means they are doubtful about an infection. Yet, they won’t undergo a test. This is like sabotaging your health with your own hands. 

Most STDs are curable and those that are not can be managed well with appropriate treatment, say doctors. 

A walk in STD clinic in Arlington provides a golden opportunity for people to undergo a test anonymously and affordably. This is great news because now you need not be scared that somebody will know why you visited the clinic. 

What is there to be afraid of, asks a doctor

A sexually transmitted disease is just like any other disease. Why consider STDs any different from other diseases then? You get an infection, you develop a symptom (sometimes not), you undergo a test, you take a treatment. You are cured. 

When people get a kidney or liver infection or any illness, they consult a doctor for an appropriate treatment. The same goes for STDs. 

However, the social stigma attached to STDs is what makes them different from other diseases. 

Nobody will raise an eyebrow when you tell them you got a stomach infection and consulted a doctor. But tell them you got a STD and watch their reaction! Some may even go to the verge of labeling you as “immoral” or “dirty.”

When HIV/AIDS was discovered by doctors, societies took up moral policing heavily. Such was the stigma attached (and it still is) that people refused to even touch HIV patients. They were regarded as “dirty.” 

After a lot of awareness campaigns in the media, people realized it is just like any other virus causing an infection. However, it is deadly. But if you undergo a test on time, you can be saved. Millions of HIV patients live a good quality life through appropriate treatment just because they took one wise step – they underwent a test. 

Arlington walk in STD testing center emphasizes on timely testing. This is the only way to know absolutely that you are infected or healthy, says a doctor. 

Caring for you and your partner’s sexual health is one aspect in which you must not think what people will say. 

Moreover, with the option of discreet testing available at a reputable STD clinic, you can easily walk in and undergo a test. The clinic provides comprehensive STD panel. If you are not sure what test to undergo, you may consult an in-house doctor. The clinic offers testing and treatment on the same day. 

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