Here’s Why Arlington Doctors Ask You to Get Tested for STDs

by STD Express Clinic Doctor
Sexually transmitted diseases are as common as a common cold; but because societies won’t talk about them we can hardly realize about the seriousness of their prevalence. World Health Organization (WHO) has declared STDs like HIV an epidemic that has spread in the whole world. Yet, people avoid discussing their sexual health with their family doctor. 

Talking to a doctor about sexual health

In case you feel shy to talk about matters of sex and sexual diseases, please contact a doctor at your nearest STD clinic. Doctors here are qualified and experienced, compassionate and mature. They would listen to you and clarify your doubts and fears. Who knows? A candid talk with the doctor about your sexual behavior might save your life! 

If you are in Arlington and want to get tested for STDs, it is easy. Simply walk in the STD clinic near you and ask for a test. You need no appointment or doctor’s prescription. The staff would also keep your identity confidential upon request. If you are unsure what test to undergo, you can consult a doctor present in the clinic. He/she will guide you in choosing a test. 

Testing for STDS

Testing for STDs is easy and painless. It takes just 10 minutes in an STD clinic. The doctor would take your blood and/or urine sample. If you have symptoms like blisters or sores at the genital area or mouth, the doctor would take a swab sample of this. In case of abnormal discharge from the vagina or discharge from the penis, again, the doctor may take a swab sample. 

Blood tests are getting more popular because they are quicker and more accurate. In case of swab sample, the doctor grows a culture in the lab to detect the presence of pathogen. This may take a day or two. 

Testing at home 

In Arlington, at home STD check kits are also available. You can order one online and provide a urine sample conveniently from home. Ensure you post the sample immediately to the clinic lab. 

Whether you undergo a test in the clinic or at home, you have the privilege of keeping your identity confidential. Doctors and staff understand the stigma attached to STDs; so they are discreet while posting your test results or delivering your at-home test kit. 

A stitch in time saves nine 

This adage holds true in case of STDs. The earlier you begin a treatment, the higher your chance of curing the disease completely or managing it well enough for you to lead a quality life. 

The only way to know whether you are healthy or need treatment is to undergo a test. According to doctors at the STD clinic, there is no other way to confirm your sexual health. Do not depend on symptoms. They may not appear. Or they may be deceptive. In both cases, you can only assume, but you can never be sure. 

Surety comes with a test result. In some cases, the doctor might ask you to undergo a re-test to make things 100 per cent sure. 

Window period 

You need to consider the window period or incubation period. This is the time between the pathogen entering your body and being detected in blood. It is better to undergo a test after the window period, which is generally a few days to a week or so. 

In Arlington, before you get tested for STDs, you might want to consult a doctor regarding the window period. 

As a general rule, avoid testing immediately after having unprotected sex. Wait for a week or two. Then undergo a test so that the pathogen is easily detected in your blood. But do not delay longer. You might miss the first stage of the infection and enter the next stage. is a reputable STD clinic in Arlington to get tested for STDs. For more information on this Arlington clinic and at home STD check, please visit the site. 

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