HVAC Maintenance and Your Utility Bill

by Simon Morris I am a freelance writer.
Your HVAC uses almost half of the energy consumed by your household. Not caring for it properly can cause it to use much more energy, among other things.

Some people are used to higher electricity bills. But, when they come higher than usual, this is a red flag that you need to perform an energy audit.


  1. Your HVAC System and Your Utility Bill

A HVAC system that functions optimally uses almost 50% of a household’s energy consumption. Therefore, it uses the most energy and accounts for the majority of your utility costs. But, a loss in efficiency will make it consume even more energy and result in an even higher electricity bill. This drop in performance can be the result of dirty filters, duct leaks, failing parts, low refrigerant, outdated systems, bad installation and poor maintenance.


When air filters aren’t replaced regularly, debris and dirt build up, restricting air flow. As a result, your filters can’t do a good job in keeping indoor air clean and the AC needs to work harder, risking the compressor and motors to get overheated.


Duct work distributes air throughout the home so it basically delivers the result of your AC. A duct leak reduces its ability to do its job and satisfy the thermostat.


The reduction in production from a failing part is going to cause your system to be less efficient. The motor struggling and the thermostat not being satisfied is going to cause the motor to run longer than it usually would.


Low refrigerant won’t allow your system to remove heat efficiently and the reason for low refrigerant is most likely a leak that needs professional service to diagnose and fix the problem.


Old systems just aren’t as efficient as modern ones. If your system, new or old, wasn’t installed properly, it cannot work properly and will likely result in both a higher bill and frustrating breakdowns.


Last but not least, inadequate maintenance not only saves energy but it also prevents possible breakdowns.


  1. Benefits of HVAC Maintenance

Regular maintenance keeps your HVAC system working as it should, by making your house and you comfortable, safe and healthy.


Fewer breakdowns

Caring for your HVAC system drastically reduce the chances of your system breaking down when you least expect it.


Lower utility bill

A well cared for HVAC system operates efficiency and does not use more energy than it should.


Longer lifespan

Nothing lasts forever and your HVAC system is no exception. But unless you schedule a regular tune-up, your HVAC unit will wear out quicker.


Peace of mind

Regular maintenance enables you to spot potential safety hazards before they happen.


  1. Tips for Lowering Your Utility Bills

Although the HVAC system plays a main role in your utility bill, there are many other supporting roles which could also play a part in reducing your Illuminating Company utility costs.


Keep your refrigerator and freezer full

Food acts as insulation so your appliances don’t have to work as hard in keeping the place cold. Stock up and your cooling and devices will thank you.


Use ceiling fans throughout the year

We all know how nice it is when ceiling fans kicks in to provide us with some indoor breeze. But did you know that by reversing the direction, ceiling fans can keep you warm during winter by pushing the hot air down where you need it to be. Both cases will take a bit of the burden off your HVAC system.


Eliminate phantom loads

Whenever a device is not in use, unplug it. 75 percent of the energy used by home electronics is consumed when they are turned off, as shocking as that may sound. See it for yourself by trying it out for a month and notice the difference in your utility bill. If your mind already has too many things to think about, invest in a smart power strip that will simplify it for you by needing just one click for all your devices. Some are controlled via the strip itself whereas thanks to the IoT world, you can also do it from your phone, without even reaching for the device.



Say goodbye to high utility bills by properly caring for your HVAC system. If you add a few simple energy-efficient habits into the equation, your wallet will thank you even more!




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