How You can Help Your Legal Case

by Kevin Smith Author

Just about every client wants to help their lawyer win their case. Knowing what to do, however, can be the difference between helping and hurting. Here is some general advice regarding how to help your car accident attorney in Bradenton help you.

Tell the Entire Story

Even if part of your rendition of events is embarrassing or possibly even damaging to your case, your attorney needs to know about it. You can bet the other side will be looking into every aspect of the case and if there is information out there that is damaging, you should bet they will find it.

Do What the Doctor(s) Order

Not following medical orders, even those that seem unnecessary, is one way of handing ammunition to the opposing party. Follow your doctor’s advice and do not deviate from it. Make every appointment and make sure it is documented correctly.

Follow through on any physical therapy recommendations. If you cannot fulfill physical therapy program requirements, tell your doctor and trainer as soon as possible. Make sure that your inability is documented and document any changes to the initial plan.

Avoid Discussing Your Case

You will be tempted to discuss your case with at least your spouse or significant other. Do not do so if at all possible. Insurance companies will talk to your friends and family if the case is large enough and will try and use anything you say against you. Even something as innocent as admitting to a friend you are not strictly following doctors orders can come back and haunt you.

Stay Off Social Media

The “no-communications” order applies to social media. You may want to update your Facebook friends, but it is a bad idea, no matter how innocent the information you tell them is. Do not post anything online about your accident, lawyer or case. This includes all major forms of social media as well as comments sections on various web sites and any other outlets like blogs, etc. Also, make sure you do not post any pictures of you or any other photos that show case details.

Supply Requested Documents

You will have a ton of forms you need to fill out for insurance and there will be a lot of medical documents you need to get. Make sure you do them or collect them promptly and stick to any deadlines.

Don’t Talk to Strangers

The other party’s insurance company may also try to talk to you. Refer them and any other third party information requests to your attorney.

How you behave after a personal injury claim is as important as the details that outline the claim itself. Follow these rules with no exceptions and you will be giving your case and y our car accident attorney in Bradenton a huge lift.

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