How Well Is Your Cloud Guarded?

by Xperteks - IT Services NYC Managed Service Provider

With 83% of enterprise workload to be in the cloud by 2020, it calls for a major vote to be on the same page about security measures for your privately hosted cloud system in NYC.

Cloud is being more and more involved in your business processes as every year goes by… With such intimate involvement of both cloud and operations, you’re sure to ask for more security.

You can’t be too safe. It’s time for you to revisit your security measures and see what’s lacking and better your system today!

Are You Up For These 4 Security Measures?

  1. Tier IV Data Centers

Data centers form the very physical structure of your enterprise data and if hackers gain access to the hardware that runs the cloud, there isn’t much you can do but estimate the damage.

Tier IV data centers help protect your cloud system by tightening the security around your data center hardware system that houses your cloud environment.

So, with Tier IV physical security protocol, you’re looking at - 

  1. Are Your Security Policies In Place?

Which policies govern your cloud infrastructure? You have to make sure that certain aspects of cloud security are fully covered in your policies, such as 


The expectations of cloud security in meeting the end-user, business, and federal requirements.


Analysis of confidentiality of specific cloud data components and applications.


The aspect of cloud security ensures a safe cloud computing environment.

  1. Perimeter Firewall

Configuring a firewall is a pretty simple concept. All you have to do is insert a packet’s source and destination and you’re good to go.

But with more advanced firewalls, you’re provided with stable packet inspection protocol, which checks the integrity of the packets and sees to it that a misconfigured packet is rejected.

  1. Encryption Where It’s Needed

Encryption is usually done automatically at the cloud end where it’s stored. Transparency is the key to trusting your cloud service provider, where all the policies are extremely clear on both ends and they should answer every one of your questions.

Encryption takes up more process overhead, so it becomes customary to provide basic encryption for a few data fields such as accounts and passwords.

Encrypting entire databases can be very expensive if you’re using third-party cloud services. So, you can store data in-house and encrypt it yourself before sending it to the cloud.

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