Neck and Back Pain Management - What you should be knowing

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Bad postures or accident can seriously hamper your neck and back joints. Keeping your body fit and healthy is a key factor of strengthening your joints. Pilates, yoga, FMT, correct postures, therapy are the ones that’ll help in leading a healthier life. When you experience any pain, always go for painless neck and lower back pain treatment. Non-surgical pain management is no more an alternative, in fact better than high-end operations.

Joint pain occurs in different parts of the body and brings along excruciating pain and demented physical activity. With so many alterations and modifications, people generally consider high-end surgical operations to be the foremost solution. There are other and arguably better neck and lower back pain treatment techniques where you won’t have to incur rounds of surgical based methods which might slap you with costly bills and no guarantee of success. The pain may resuscitate or worsen if something goes awry. Painless therapies are much better in terms of joint and muscle pain treatment. The catch hold of your pain from the root and try to minimize the pain gradually with the help of some therapeutic exercises and techniques that are absolutely painless. To understand further, here are a few points that will explain to you comprehensively-

First let’s deduce some of the common reasons which open the gates for neck and back pain

·         Bad posture

·         Long hours of sitting in front of PC/Laptops

·         Injury from sports

·         Accidental falls

·         Obesity

·         Smoking

·         Lifting heavy objects continuously

The aforementioned causes are some of the key factors from which neck and back pain occurs. Whether it’s acute pain or chronic, it depends on the intensity of the causing factor. But these were the reasons behind the pain. What follows is how you lessen or eradicate it. Let’s read them on:

Don’t maintain a single posture

Let’s the start with the simplest remedy available. Holding on to a fixed posture unconsciously for a long time does earn you pain in the lower back and the neck. You can easily avoid that. Keep changing your posture. Stand for some time, take a walk, stretch your limbs a bit and then resume to what you were doing. These make your body muscles to be more flexible and keep you active in your job.

Functional Manual Therapy

This is a great alternative to high end surgery during joint pain. Functional Manual Therapy or FMT is a technique consisting of therapeutic exercises that help to increase total body mobility and flexibility and is widely considered an ethereal counterpart of surgical operations. In case of an accident which affects the neck or back or any other joint, FMT not just heals the parts over the course of its duration but it strengthens other parts of the body as well.


Connecting with your spiritual self is a brilliant way of leading a healthy life. Yoga cleanses your mind from any negative thoughts and manifests a sense of serenity within. As even science suggests that the mind and body are connected, keeping a clear head helps keep stress at bay or even during times of pain, the mind remains cool.  


For ethereal workout sessions, Pilates is an amazing set of exercises that keeps your body physically fit and increases your endurance levels. It improves the stabilization of your spine and along with physical coordination and balance. Extremely essential while post accidental recovery, although during the case of a severe accident be careful while doing it or consult a physician beforehand. Since body awareness is increased with the help of Pilates exercises, it definitely helps you to maintain a proper posture with a straight spine keeping your back and neck joints intact.

Thus, these techniques are absolutely helpful to cure or to prevent pain in the neck and back joints. The points being highlighted are applicable to every age group, most importantly to officegoers. If you’re looking for a severe pain management clinic for a pain management in Delhi, Vardan is a welfare initiative by the Times group which focuses on post-operative rehab in the capital. Their diagnosis and treatment are top-notch.

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