How to Troubleshoot Snapchat Crashing Issue in Google Pixel 2

by Alessia Martine

Snapchat, as well as Google Pixel both are popular devices and services. They roll out regular updates to gives their users the best experience. But, several third-party applications can create problems. Although Google Pixel 2 is running on the Android operating system, it doesn’t have lots of bloatware like other Android devices. This means, unlike other Android smartphones and tablets, runs perfectly with any app, Google Pixel 2 can’t. Unauthorized third-party apps can create problems in Google Pixel 2. If the Snapchat app crashes and displays an error message saying “Unfortunately! Snapchat has stopped” when you launch it on your Pixel 2, then you can try these tricks.


·      Try rebooting your Pixel 2

·      Clear cache and data from the Snapchat app

·      Remove Snapchat completely and reinstall

Here is how to troubleshoot Snapchat crashing issue in Google Pixel 2

Try rebooting your Pixel 2

Such problems are most likely to be caused by firmware glitches, and rebooting the device will fix them. If Snapchat was running correctly earlier but starts crashing suddenly, then firmware or app glitches could be the reason behind it. Try opening the Snapchat for two-three times with all applications and programs closed. If this doesn’t work, then try rebooting your Pixel. Shut down your device completely and restart after a minute. Now without starting any other application, launch Snapchat. If this works, try running the app a few times to see if it still crashes.

Unfortunately, if the problem still arises, try force restarting your Pixel. A force restart is more effective than a normal reboot. Doing so refreshes your Pixel 2 with the entire installed application and services.

Clear cache and data from the Snapchat app

Maybe the app is crashing due to an incorrect configuration, settings, or files. Clearing cache and data from the application reset everything to the default value. Here is how to clear cache and data from the Snapchat app in Google Pixel 2.

1.   Unlock your device and open all apps screen by tapping on the ‘Up Arrow’ icon.

2.   Go to ‘Settings.’

3.   Select ‘Apps & Notification.’

4.   Then select ‘See all apps.’

5.   Scroll and select the Snapchat from the list.

6.   Touch on ‘Force stop.’

7.   Then touch on ‘OK.’

8.   Touch ‘Storage’ and select ‘Clear cache.’

9.   Next, touch on ‘Clear data’ and select ‘OK.’

This will remove everything from the Snapchat. Now, launch the ‘Snapchat’ app and check if it still crashes. You may now need to sign in again to access your Snapchat account.

Remove Snapchat completely and reinstall

Updating the app works most of the time and fixes the app crashing issue. You can also try updating the Snapchat app if this troubleshoots the Snapchat crashing issue in your Google Pixel 2, that’s good. Unluckily, if not, then remove the Snapchat completely from your device and then reinstall. Here is how.

1.   Open ‘App & notifications’ in the Settings.

2.   Select ‘See all apps.’

3.   Select ‘Snapchat’ from the list.

4.   And touch on ‘Uninstall.’

5.   Then touch ‘OK’ to confirm. This will remove the Snapchat completely from your device.

6.   Now, close ‘Settings’ and open ‘Play Store’ app.

7.   Search ‘Snapchat’ and install it.

Now, launch the app and use it. I hope these simple solutions will troubleshoot the Snapchat crashing issue in your Google Pixel 2.


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