How to treat wastewater in a sewage treatment plant?

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Nowadays wastewater has become a major concern, for the health of the environment and also for the atmosphere the bad health of the environment and the atmosphere further makes it a problem for the health of the people living in it. Also, as the population is increasing so is increasing the presence of such hazardous elements in the environment.

But all thanks to the continuous development of science and technology around the world so that now we have various types of treatment plants available in the market to deal with all such types of elements. Such as for maintaining the health and the reusable condition of the wastewater, here we have the wastewater plants.

There are various types of wastewater plants and one such plant that is majorly used by the people is the Sewage Treatment Plant. Here we will see in detail the procedure through which a sewage treatment plant works for efficient treatment of the wastewater. 

If we get into the detail of the workings of a sewage treatment plant then we can say that it works into 4 major stages. 

The 4 major stages of the workings of the sewage treatment plant for efficient treatment of the wastewater are as follows:

  • Pretreatment – The very first stage of the treatment of the wastewater is to get rid of all the solid waste that is easily visible and is therefore easy to be thrown out of the water without much hassle. These easy to remove waste elements may include glass, stones, sand, cans, bottles, and other such materials.
  • Primary treatment – Once the first stage of pre-treatment completes itself all the waste is then collected in the large basins and sedimentation tanks known as the primary classifiers.  The solid waste collected by the mechanically driven scrappers is released into hoppers that are connected with the sludge treatment equipment. The grease and the oil if not removed during the first stage then here in the primary stage all that is removed through the surface skimmers. 
  • Secondary treatment – At this particular stage the wastewater is released into the secondary basins, there in the basins, various microorganisms are added for easily breaking down all the organic matter into sludge. There are various strategies that are used by the advanced plants for the smooth breaking down of the sewage sludge. This breaking down of the sewage sludge further makes its proper treatment very easy and smooth. 
  • Sludge Treatment – This is the last and final stage for the treatment of all the water that is left behind after the successful conduct of all the other three stages given above. Here at the last stage using the gravity all the organic waste is removed from the water this further makes it fit to be released in a landfill. After that whatever sludge is left it is passed through a thickener and is released into tanks that contain anaerobic bacteria. The methane that is produced by these tanks can be further used as power. The final product that comes out after all of this is done is called the stabilized sludge and that can be very efficiently used as a fertilizer in the soil in order to make it fertile. Also, all the phosphorus, nitrogen, and all the other harmful nutrients are then removed from the water, and further, it is disinfected with the help of the chlorine, Ozone, and ultraviolet light. 

Thus the water again becomes fit to be released in the water supply so that it can be taken into use once again. If needed then for more information it is best to ask help and guidance of the purification services experts available at Clear Ion.

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