What Are The Different Types Of Sewage Treatment Plants?

by Clear Ion Clear Ion Experts Pvt Ltd
Sewage treatment plants are generally used for the treatment of wastewater so that it can be made fit for use in the fulfillment of other purposes, even the wastewater coming out of various manufacturing and supplying units is not fit to be released in the environment or in the water bodies, releasing the wastewater coming out from the industries or even from the residential complexes into the environment without any treatment done can be really very much hazardous for the environment and also for the health of the people living on Earth. 

The sewage treatment plants are the best for this process of treatment of the wastewater one can be sure of getting the quality output that too instantly without any hassles. But the sewage treatment plants are all based on various techniques as well as features and hence there is not just one but many types of sewage treatment plants available in the market and to use them efficiently one needs to be technically sound enough to be able to understand the exact using procedure of the sewage plants. 

Here we will discuss in detail all the different types of sewage treatment plants available in the market.

There are in total 7 types of sewage treatment plants, all those 7 types are given below:

  • Activated sludge plant
  • Rotating Disc System
  • Suspended Media filter 
  • Submerged aerated filter
  • Sequencing batch reactor
  • Non-electric filter
  • Trickling filter

All these 7 types of sewage treatment plants are further given various subdivisions, now that we have discussed the main 7 types we should now move to the discussion of their subdivisions.

The examples of activated sludge sewage treatment plant are as follows:

  • Conder activated sludge plant. 
  • WPL diamond 
  • Vortex
  • Crystal Eco
  • BioPure
  • Biodigester
  • Ecodigester
  • Bison

The examples of the suspended media filter sewage treatment plant are as follows:

  • Allerton Drainage.
  • Valance VES 1-4
  • Clearwater Filterclear
  • Titan
  • Entec
  • Klargester Biotec
  • The examples of the Rotating Disc systems are as follows:
  • Klargester Biodisc
  • Tuke and Bell
  • ClearWater Rotoclear

The examples of Submerged Aerated Filter sewage treatment plant are as follows:

  • Conder SAF.
  • Valance VES5 and above. 
  • Falcon.
  • Jewel
  • Acorn
  • Tricel
  • ClearWater Aeroclear
  • Marsh Ensign
  • Leo Dawson
  • Anua

Each and every sewage treatment plant type mentioned above works on a different set up of techniques and features and also when it comes to deciding the type of sewage treatment plant to be used depends on the type of sewage that needs to be treated as every type of sewage demands a different set of features for the proper and efficient treatment and therefore it is more about the nature of the sewage that is to be treated and the place where that sewage is to be treated. 

However other than the long list of the types of sewage treatment plants the most popular type of sewage treatment plant is the Packaged type sewage Treatment plant this plant is efficiently used at many places for the efficient and proper treatment of sewage this type of sewage treatment plant is considered the most popular among all the other types of sewage treatment plants, if we talk about the usage of this treatment plant then we can say that it is used for treating the sewage in residential complexes, industries, institutions, hospitals, temples, government offices, townships, Hostels, restaurants, hotels, resorts, labor quarters, public gardens, national parks and also commercial complexes. 

If other than all the information that is provided here if any more information is needed, associated with the sewage treatment plant then in that case, it is advised that the user gets in touch with the purification service experts at Clear ion, they are working in the industry for quite a long time and therefore, they hold a very good experience about the services related to the purification process be it the purification of water or be it the purification of air, Clear Ion provides the best machinery irrespective of the type of water that is to be treated also they are known for dealing in the best fume extraction systems for the purification of the air.

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