How To Treat Obesity In Dogs? Read These Pet Weight Management Tips For Recovery

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Confessed doggy daddy moment: I love my pup. She’s the best for snuggles, chasing balls and protecting our home from deadly invaders, like leaves blowing in the wind and that guy walking across the street, looking the other way, and minding his own business. My hero!

Pet parents everywhere want the best for our furry best friends, but where can you get the information you need to ensure that you’re giving your dog the best possible life?

Well, I’ve found the answer with – a handy online community of dog lovers who offer support, expert advice and tips on doggy healthcare, training and nutrition. So when I was worried my darling dog was gaining a few extra pounds, I knew exactly where to turn. had all the answers at  

Chunky Canine Chubbiness

I was shocked to discover that more than 50% of dogs in America are obese! Fifty percent! We all love our “good boys” and “good girls” but perhaps all those treats have crossed the line from pampering our pooches to spoiling our furbabies?

Excessive weight gain can cause a variety of health issues, including breathing difficulties, heart complications, diabetes and joint pain. The cost of treating these conditions is high and the large number of dogs suffering from health issues related to their weight has led to vets referring to canine obesity as “an epidemic”. So what can we do?

The Kibble Conundrum

Did you know that the supposedly healthy dog food that you feed your pup might actually be responsible for them packing on the pounds? Much like with human fast food advertising, doggy dinners are big-budget bonuses for ad execs and the companies who produce this faux health chow, which has led to slipping standards on the nutrition side.

Poor diet is one of the main causes of obesity. So, in a market saturated with cheap choices and clever marketing, canine experts advise checking the nutritional content on your dog food labels in order to ensure that your pooch is getting the vitamins and minerals they need to stay healthy. also suggests consulting your vet or a pet nutritionist for advice, especially if you suspect that your pup is overweight. 

Cutting out or swapping out treats for healthier options can also make a big difference! 

P-awesome P-updates

Symptoms of obesity in dogs can start out quite subtle, but they can quickly progress if left unchecked, which is why the canine experts suggest you take your pup to regular weight monitoring appointments with a vet. This way both vets and us pet parents can stay up-to-date on any issues arising from a wobbly middle and move (sometimes literally - regular exercise is key!) before they become a serious health concern.

According to the guidance available on, there are some simple steps that pet owners can take to avoid weight gain. These include:

  • regular exercise – brisk walks, playing fetch, a friendly tussle at the local dog park. All good cardio to get your pup’s heart rate going and burn through that fat.
  • fewer (and healthier) treats – just like with us, too much “candy” can create a podgy-pooch. has great advice on nutritional treats that your dog will love.
  • checking for excess body fat – next time you’re cuddled up with your doggy, feel for any extra squidge around their rib cage and abdomen. I learned from the article that that’s actually one of the first places you can spot if your pooch might be pushing the limits of a healthy body fat ratio.

When it comes to obesity in dogs, prevention is most definitely preferable to treatment. The experts contributing to the latest doggy health guidance all agree that establishing a routine for meals and exercise can help build and maintain healthy habits. So… walkies!

Barking Up The Right Tree is an online community for fellow dog lovers who want to make sure that their pet is cared for properly. They have loads of articles and information from experts on everything from health and nutrition to training and senior dog care. Visit their website at and joi

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