Are Belgian Malinois The Best Personal Protection Dogs? Read these 5 tips

by Kindery Mills Kindery Mills

One of the most intelligent and loyal dog breeds has to be the Belgian Malinois. People often confuse them for German shepherds, but they are your perfect doggy to protect households. They are rugged, robust, and exhibit a wide range of aggressiveness and temperament. This breed is not at all suitable for the families that have erratic and small children. It is a kind of Belgian Shepherd, and the history of it dates back to the 1880s. All of the types are named after Belgian villages, namely Tervuren, Mechler (Malinois), Laekenois and Groenendael. The breed is confident, loyal, and smart. These are fully grown medium-sized dogs weighing up to eighty pounds. Here are a few things you should know about them before you buy them.

1.      The temperament

One of the most notable things about the Malinoisios is that they are working dogs. Long back, they were bred for protecting livestock in Belgium. Because of this particular reason, they have matchless energy and a high drive to catch prey. They are intelligent, and this is why trainers can train them to master all types of roles/tasks. These doggies have a great desire to complete tasks, and they perform best when they are put to activities regularly. Nowadays they are used to protect man and given they can protect you in any circumstance. They are indeed the Best personal protection dogs. However, for that to happen, they need correct socialization.

2.      Require exercises

When it is about the breed, you must know they are dogs with explosive energy. Additionally, they need ninety minutes of workout each day. It is a must that you integrate them into an active lifestyle outdoors. Sessions of exercise for the Best personal protection dogs are best when broken into three minutes thirty seconds minute sessions. Besides physical activity, the breed needs mental stimulation as well. To conform to this rule, you can put them in exercises and games like hikes, fetch, walks, runs, hide, and seek.

3.      Shedding and grooming

For the giant size that the breed has, the fur amount they shed is pleasantly surprised. That is because it sheds very little. They do shed but far less than what their other counterparts do. You need to brush them two times a week so that their coat remains healthy. This will encourage new growth of hair. They shed the most during spring and fall thus; you need to brush them regularly. Every quarter, trim their nails, clip them and bath them. Furthermore, you have to clean their eyes and ears.

4.      Diet and feeding

As Belgian Malinois as a breed is a carnivore, you must ensure that their diet comprises of meat predominantly. If you are buying a puppy, then you need loads of protein for aiding muscle growth and development. Make sure you can include roughly twenty-five percent protein in their diets. Once they mature, you have to feed them around sixteen hundred to thousand calories each day. However, the menu is dependent on its activity and weight levels.

5.      The cost

There is a difference in price as it depends, you are going to buy a puppy or a full-grown and trained dog. The cost is usually dependent on the lineage they possess. Pre-trained Malinois can cost more than twenty thousand dollars.






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