How to Swap the Columns in the Google Sheets

by Alessia Martine

Google Sheets is a software just like Docs to compete with Microsoft Word and Sheets. Google Sheet is based on the web that can be opened in your preferred browser and shared with multiple people. In the Google Sheet, there few things that are best for starters, and one of them is swapping the tables. Swapping the tables in the sheet is an important feature and also a useful feature for the users. To know about this feature, there is a straightforward guide for quick access.


How to Swap Columns In Google Sheets

Well, if you know nothing about it, then you should know that there are three major methods of swapping the columns by adding on Power Tools. Every method is convenient, so you understand it way too easily.

Swap the Columns through Dragging

Begin with a blank sheet with Column 1 and Column 2 with A and B columns. Input Months name the following order in the A2, A3, A4, and A5. Enter some random numbers on the cell number B2 to B5. Whatever you put in the table, it will not matter at all; it is just for the idea and understands of yours.

  • Press on the Header A and choose it.
  • Tap on the Column A header bar again and keep on hold the left mouse button.
  • Begin the drag over the Column B to swap the column table.

Now both column will change their position accordingly. Just like the same way, you can swap many more tables instantly without any additional efforts. You can also swap multiple columns together in one term by selecting the specific columns in once and drag them to the column of your choice. The following columns will change their positions, but their heading name will remain the same.

Swap the Column Table in Google Sheet through Copy and Paste

Another method to swap the table is through the Copy and Paste method. This method is different from the drag method yet a simple method. To do the swapping through copy and paste, you need to first choose the column to swap.

  • Select the column and copy that specific column table.
  • Paste that particular column on the empty column of the sheet area.
  • You can do copy and paste by using the commands as well.

In the same method, you can choose any column to swap. Even if you are willing to swap multiple, you need to select multiple columns at once and paste them on the black area of sheet to swap. Columns will change their positions, but you need to remember every column that you copy and paste while doing it. This procedure is different swap is different and can take time to do that as well. If you successfully swap the columns, so don’t forget to delete the duplicate columns by pressing Del key to remove the table.

Swap the Columns through Power Tool

Google Sheet has several adds-on for enhancing its compatibilities, and power tool are one of these enhancements of capability add-on. To add the power tool into the Google Sheet, tap on Add-ons>Power Tools>Start. Through this, a sidebar will keep on showing. Tap on the Data and the Shuffle icon to get the options to move the columns. With the feature, you can swap the columns easily. Choose the full column to move and then hold on the A column to drag it on the B column and then tap on the shuffle button to swap both columns.

Google Sheet is an alternative software that is just like Microsoft Excel, and you can get a few great features in it as well. Whoever learns the features of Google Sheet only uses it. However, both are not so different from each other.


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