How To Stop Vaping Cough Using Portable Pod System?

by Aanya Alberto A geeky girl and Vape Enthusiast

Coughing might be really unpleasant, but there is nothing to worry. Did you start coughing when you started vaping? Coughing is common when vaping.

But it becomes really irritating if it continues. Coughing is somewhat a common occurrence. As per a survey including 600 vapers, 57 percent said they coughed when they vaped first.

Coughing is a common problem, especially among the vape beginners. You just need a little bit of time to adjust to a new vape juice and device. In fact, taking big hits too arouse a cough.

No matter how common, you sure wouldn’t like to experience it. Vaping using a portable pod system gives you a smooth experience minus coughs.

What Is This Vape Cough?

The first time is really unpredictable. Likewise, the first time vaping too, every vaper anticipates the unknown with fear and excitement.

Some vape juices are made up with propylene glycol and about 85 of the population is sensitive to it. If you are allergic to PG, the throat can be irritated.

However, there is an alternative. You can try using the STIG pod since it comes with the perfect balance of PG and VG.

If you are taking direct lung hit, it can cause smoking. The trick is to inhale the vapor, collect it in the mouth and then pass it to the lungs.

Finally, vape cough happens when you choose am e-juice with a high level of nicotine. It gives a strong throat hit that’s not like the normal hit.

Avoiding this is possible when you grab the portable pod system.

vape cough

Vape Cough: Is That Normal?

Coughing is extremely annoying and irritating. But there is nothing to worry when you experience it while vaping.

Many users reported that vaping might lead to coughing. However, coughing while vaping is a common phenomenon.

This is just an indicator that the body needs time to get used to the vapor as coughing is just a temporary effect.

Can You Avoid Coughing?

Each body responds to vaping differently. However, there are some ways that can help you stop vaping cough in the tracks.

If changing vape juice and nicotine levels didn’t prove beneficial, you must try vaping with a portable pod system.

This wouldn’t make you cough as it provides a smooth throat hit. Along with this, ensure you drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

Now the vaping cough is not something that you should be scared of. You can avoid it by using the right vaping technique.

Are you experiencing vape coughs? Share your story.

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