5 Reasons to Start Vaping with The Portable Pod System?

by Aanya Alberto A geeky girl and Vape Enthusiast

The rising popularity of vaping is attracting several people to this. It is expected that the vape market will be a 65billion dollar market by 2025. The global popularity of vaping attracts several smokers to it. People are trying the portable pod system most, besides the regular pods and mods. Several reasons are there behind the popularizing of the vaping. The current post is all about these reasons.

The Best Alternative to Smoking

As per reports, 15% of the UK population smokes daily. It is true that not every smoker turns into vapers, but often you can find the ex-smokers to turn into vapers. It is reflected in the reducing number of smokers and increasing vapers number. Taking up the vaping as a replacement for smoking makes sense as it reduces the intake of nicotine slowly. Therefore, the craving for cigarettes will reduce too.

Saving Your Money

Often people think that vaping is an expensive affair. However, during the start, it may look like that, but it is not. Often the concept comes from the number of accessories that one needs to buy with the vape devices. However, while you are buying a mod, you need to buy the wick materials, coils and many more. However, with the current portable pod system, you don’t have to purchase any accessories. Rather you can use and dispose of the pod device once finishing it. Further, several pods are available at $20. Overall, by comparing both, you will find portable pods to be more economical.

Joy of Flavor

Often people complain when you are smoking around them. It is not always because of the smoke but of the smell too. On the other hand, in vaping, you have the option to select the flavor from a range of e-juices. You can pick delicious fruits or creamy dessert flavors. It will not give a foul smell after your vaping session. Thus, several smokers are also shifting from smoking to vaping.

Vaping is a New Hobby

Earlier smoking was considered as a habit, which people like to do not in front. However, vaping has turned out to be a hobby with the latest vape trick performances. The advanced technologies are providing the vapers an enhanced vaping experience. Further, people are creating different coils and wick materials. It has now turned more into a hobby of creating something new and unique.

Part of Lifestyle

Vaping has now become a part of the lifestyle. People are finding vaping as a cool thing. They are vaping not because other people are doing but to satisfy the craving of the nicotine in a modern style. Further, often with the portable pod system, people can carry their hobby wherever they travel. It is another reason behind the popularity of vaping.

Final Words

Over in this post, you have seen how vaping has changed into a lifestyle statement. People love to vape as it provides a quick nicotine satisfaction and a smooth way to quit smoking.

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