How to sell those gift cards that you do not want

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Did you know that you can sell or redeem the gift cards you do not want?

Many people did not know that this possibility existed, when in fact it is available and can be very useful during the Christmas season.

We present some Web pages that facilitate the purchase and sale of the cards of unwanted gifts in addition to offering an ingenious way to use Visa/Amex gift cards. Here is, for Nigerian people. You can sell gift cards in Nigeria here easily.

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Cardpool allows you to buy, sell and exchange gift cards with other Cardpool members. You can sell a gift card for a little less than its value. If you choose to send the information of the card electronically, you will receive a little less for it compared to if you choose to send the physical card.


Raise allows you to buy and sell gift cards directly from your iPhone with your free iOS app or Android phone. Although that does not seem to be of such importance at the beginning, consider the savings that you can take advantage of when buying a card at a discounted price. If you see something you like in Home Depot for $ 50, for example, you can go to Raise, look for Home Depot, and buy a $50 card for only $42.


Find a Coinstar kiosk. I can imagine what you think: "Is not that the company that has machines where you can deposit dozens of coins to receive cash?" Yes it is. But I guess you did not know that it also has machines that offer you money for your gift cards.

Granny Gift Card

Who does not like a grandmother who always wants to take care of you? Gift Card Granny is a service that searches inside the gift card exchange sites and provides you with the current rates you could receive if you decide to sell yours.


The following advice comes from the Twitter user @ garz76 through @nanpalmero. When you receive a Visa or Amex gift card, instead of trying to manage the balance at the points of sale, you can simply make a payment to yourself using a Square card reader.

Of course, you will be charged the 2.75 percent fee for the transaction, but the remaining value of the card will be deposited into your bank account within a couple of days.


Another option to resell your gift cards is CardCash, which promises to offer you up to 92 percent of the total value of your card.

An advantage of this service is that you can see in advance the value you will get for a certain gift card before making the transaction. For example, once you go to your website and select the "Sell Gift Cards" option, you will see two fields that you can fill out: "What brand of gift card do you have?" (What kind of gift card do you have?) And "What's the balance on the gift card?" (What is the balance of the card). I, for example, filled the first field with "Best Buy" and the second field with "$ 100". The offer CardCash gave me was $ 83. If this offer seems acceptable to you, you can proceed to the second step which is to choose how you want to send the gift card (through mail or online) and then you have to select the way you want to receive the payment, either by PayPal or other methods.

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