How to Replace a Frameless Shower Door Threshold

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Traditional framed shower glass doors, with their glaring frames may not always work with the aesthetic as they create closed and defined spaces. Therefore, it is always better to opt for a frameless shower door as it delivers a unique design opportunity by providing a more open, contemporary and seamless space.

In most households, water leaks from the bottom gaps of shower doors are a common sight. Such gaps between the frameless shower door and the shower floor can be filled by sweeps, but in case of wider gaps, choosing the right shower door threshold solves the problem impeccably.

pFOkUS supplies best quality thresholds carved from solid blocks of aluminum which have a sleek, smooth and seamless finish. When the gaps under the shower door are wide and cannot be filled up with a sweep, then thresholds will certainly do the task with efficiency. pFOkUS’ aluminum shower door thresholds keep a low profile without sacrificing functionality.

How to Replace a Frameless Shower Door Threshold

The purpose of a shower door threshold is to push water back into the shower, so that the water doesn’t hit the floor. Thresholds are rubber strips that are adhered to the shower itself and work much better when a shower door wipe is also installed. Ordinary shower door thresholds, over a period of time can become worn out and even covered in mold or rotting grout.

1.    Depending on the type of the threshold, you might have to remove the shower door before doing the needful. Inspect carefully if the threshold is attached to the floor or to the bottom of the door. If you observe that getting rid of the older threshold with the door still attached may prove troublesome, then gently remove the door by unscrewing the screws where the door swings.


2.    Although the task is simple, but it might take some time to reach the final step. Once the door is off the hinges, place it on a mattress or a bed of towels. Now, with the help of a putty knife, wedge the old threshold along the strip to break the adhesive bond. By applying a little force, the rubber strip or threshold will pop free. If the threshold is attached to the surface, then you can simply wedge the threshold off the floor with a putty knife.



3.    As you see the edges of the threshold separating from the shower door or floor, grab it hard and pull up on it to get rid of it completely. This might as well break the damaged threshold, but that is fine as you are only replacing it with a better quality and long lasting aluminum commercial door threshold.


4.    After removing the worn out threshold you may find bits of its rubber and adhesive still stuck in the site. In order to get rid of this, scrub it off using equal parts of lemon water and vinegar. This will make the shower door clean and when you spray this liquid onto the surface where the threshold was attached; you will eliminate the remnants and also kill mildew. Follow this step by scrubbing off the surface with a brush to remove residue.


5.    According to the length of the shower door place an order for the appropriate threshold on pFOkUS website. Then, once you get the threshold delivered, with the help of a silicone caulk tube, place a bead on both sides of the threshold and press it firmly in the downwards direction.


6.    pFOkUS’ commercial door threshold will last for over 20 long years without wearing out and will serve its functionality to the fullest.

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