How to Pick a Lock in 5 Easy Steps

by Alex Coomb Affordable Hauling

A lock is an essential tool for protecting your valuable belongings. Since the dawn of human story; some people exist around us who can steal what's not theirs. 

The only way to combat such situations is to use locks to prevent their behavior. But these are not foolproof, if you have the right skillset; most locks are easy to pick.

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Picking a lock is an extremely useful skill, everyone should master to help them without getting help from a locksmith company

It can be a rescuer if you forget or lose your keys. Some tools and a little patience can crack any tumbler lock; giving you access to open doors and closed padlocks.

Lock Picking Tools

You need to have two tools; a lock pick, and a torque wrench. Lock pick tool will push the pins to the shear line. There are various styles of pick tools that one can utilize which stand with their technique.

You can hire the best locksmith Lebanon TNHere we are going to share the easiest method. Follow these five steps to pick a lock if you are facing an emergency and there is no locksmith company available around you.

Step 1

Insert the short end of the wrench into the bottom of the keyway. Apply light pressure using a finger or two on the wrench in that direction used naturally to turn the key (clockwise). 

Continue to hold the consistent pressure on the wrench for the rest of the process (but you need the practice to learn how much pressure you have to put). Now take your rack pick and insert into the keyway and push it to the lock's back.

Step 2

Apply upward pressure to the pins using the end of your rack. Slightly snap the pick out in a scrubbing motion. Be clear to smash all the pins and let them fall aside.

Step 3

If the required amount of pressure has been applied, you will notice numerous pins at the shear line and the plug will slightly rotate. But this rotation to the novice will be unnoticeable.

Step 4

Now again insert the pick into the back of your lock and repeat the pins in a scrubbing motion. Keep repeating this process until all of the pins have set.

Though if your lock couldn't open after 4-6 scrubbing; release the pressure on the wrench and wait for pins to drop.

If you don't hear any drop; it's a sign that you applied some extra amount of pressure on the torque wrench. 

Start again by putting a different pressure on the wrench and re-racking the pins.

Step 5

When you know what is the appropriate pressure and settle down with all the pins. Its plug will allow you to rotate it completely with the torque wrench. Same as if you used the correct key to open the lock.

One downside of this technique is that the picked lock isn't able to use again. There might be any chance if you contact any lock repair service. They will be able to repair it or not, depends on the way you have treated it.


Congrats, as you have successfully learned how to pick a lock but be very sure that practicing these tips on neighboring is a crime, so avoid it.

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