Vlogging vs. Podcasting: Which is Best for You in 2020?

by Alex Coomb Affordable Hauling
If you want to publish your content to the world, you have many options. You can start a blog, vlog, podcast, newsletter, post articles on LinkedIn or Medium, post Instagram stories, Snapchat snippets of your life, and the list goes on. You may succumb to "analysis paralysis".

I am frequently asked, "Should I start a podcast or YouTube channel?"

The differences between vlogging and podcasting
First of all, when I had to answer that question for myself three years ago, I chose a vlog.

One of the main reasons I did is because, first of all, the video can be more easily converted into a podcast, but not the other way around. 

You can take your audio from a video and make it into a podcast for reuse, but if you make a podcast, you can't really make it into a video, other than just being audio in a video format. 

Being able to exponentially convert and reuse your content effectively in all formats, and to be worthy of that format, is vital when evaluating your real estate investment on social media.

If you haven't figured it out yet, movement is the future. The video is the new JPEG. The moving image is everything. It is growing and transforming at amazing speed. 

This doesn't even touch what is happening in the AR and VR market penetration, and the advancement of those technologies.

Statistics don't lie
Google estimates that in three years, 90% of content consumed online will be video, so being on the right side of that trend is a smart idea. 

Also, Google owns YouTube. This is significant. Google prioritizes YouTube videos in Google search, so your chances of appearing higher in Google search are higher if you post a video on YouTube than if you podcast. 

I have seen my organic search results on Google improve by 300% in the last 3 years. 

In fact, if you do a Google image search for the word "Creative Director," my video on the subject is result number 1. I tell you what, that didn't happen 3 years ago.

Overall, the youth market is a predictor of the ways the general market will move overall, which is why sellers are watching it so closely. 

According to research firm Ipsos, 85% of young people now use YouTube. They watch more hours of YouTube than television or television per week. That's an amazing statistic that shows you which way the wind is blowing.

In my case, as an expert in design and brand strategy, I had to consider that design is a visual profession. It relies heavily on visual experience and stimuli. 

Comedian Martin Mull said, "Writing about music is like dancing about architecture." And in a way, podcasting about design would be just as ineffective for the most part. Podcasting about design would remove all the visual aspect of the theme. Sure, you can talk about design, but unless you can see what you're talking about, it's really a challenge.

A crowded market
Personally, I think podcasting is filling up. I know that will put a lot of hair on the neck of people. But that is my perspective. 

Yes, you can say vlogs are getting too crowded, but to me, podcasts are a lot like Periscope or Snapchat, there is a buzz about it. Find the vlogging tips and guides on

I'm not saying it's a passing fad. I am sure it will stand the test of time. But for me, it feels a little too trendy right now. 

It feels a bit like the housing bubble. I mean, when you're going to repair your car and your mechanic is talking about starting a podcast, which really happened to me recently, you know you might want to raise your antennas a little. 

Now, nothing against auto mechanics, and you might have a really killer auto mechanic podcast yourself, but I think you understand my point.

Another thing to keep in mind is that vlogging is, in practice, much more difficult to do. This means that there is less competition and less competition is always a good thing in business. 

People are much more hesitant to expose themselves to the camera than they would be just recording their voice for a podcast. 

You must have the equipment, be somewhat presentable, nurture the high energy required for a screen presence, you must know how to edit. 

I mean, a lot of those things are necessary for podcasting too, but really when it comes to that, video is a more difficult medium than audio alone. So if workload and complexity are an important consideration, podcasting is a better bet.

When evaluating the best platform, it is good to keep in mind that people are "starving." People's calendars are really full, there is always plenty to do, and podcasts are generally longer than video content.

Therefore, the time commitment of listening to a podcast is greater than a video in many cases. 

I try to keep my videos for less than nine minutes because I try to respect the time of my audience, and I know that my viewers have many things to do. 

Attention spans are short and getting shorter, so I try to respect that rather than combat it. Personally, I am also very bothered by vloggers who take 15 minutes to get to the damn point and seem to scream forever. 

If you are planning to start a video blog, buy the best vlogging camera with flip screen, and start making quality videos. 

So, I jump to the heart of the matter right away and my viewers tell me they love that about my videos.

One of the strengths of the video medium is the way it fully conveys your personal brand. 

It is easier to convey your personality and personal brand in a video because people can see how you look, hear how you sound, experience your personal presence, see what you like to wear, where you are and any other image you choose to show them, whether they are slides, your computer screen, your office, hell, even your backyard. People connect with people. 

It is simply easier to convey who you are as a person on video than as a disembodied voice in podcasting.

The next point is huge: One of the most important facts to know about video for entrepreneurs is that video watchers are approximately 75% more likely to make a purchase when watching a video than when listening to a podcast. 

If you are selling products or trying to sell some kind of service, video will be much better for your business results than podcasting.

Video watchers are approximately 75% more likely to make a purchase when watching a video than when listening to a podcast. 

If you're selling products or services, the video will serve your business results better than podcasting.

Sure, there certainly are downsides to the video, too. One downside is that you really need to be watching it in order to fully consume it. 

It is a little more difficult to consume a video while driving or walking your dog. My analyzes say that 65% of my videos are consumed on a phone, so people are away from home and mobile anyway, so it's no longer as deterrent.

In the end, when it comes down to it, the difference between vlogging and podcasting is the difference between whether you want to be on television or whether you want to be on the radio. Personally, I prefer to be on television.

But it's just me

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