How to Manage Settings of Android Autofill

by Alessia Martine

Autofill can be defined as the dedicated framework that manages communication efficiently between the different apps of Android and Autofill. Android autofill improves the user experience by saving not only their personal information and addresses but also passwords and payment methods. The framework is connected to all apps of Google, including Google Pay and Google Maps along with the password manager of Chrome. If the users are using some other password manager rather than Chrome then also they can add the password manager to Autofill, but the service should be only one at a time.


Here is the whole process to enable the Autofill along with adjusting its settings on Android. The method also includes the steps to edit the information saved by Google.

Ways to customize and turn on Android Autofill

It is quite easy to adjust the settings of Autofill along with enabling and disabling them. You will need to follow the below given few steps to customize it:-

  • First of all, go to Settings and tap on it.
  • Now, click on the option System and then click on Language and Input.
  • Further, you will need to expand the appearing section by clicking on Advanced.
  • Now, you will need to click on Autofill service.
  • Click again on the option Autofill service.

Note: When you will click on the Autofill service, then your device screen will start displaying either None or the name of any app that you are using. Further, a list containing several apps will be presented to you to Autofill. The users can also add password managers in the app list.

  • Now, click on the option Add service.
  • Note: In case, the users are selecting option None, then the autofill service will be disabled.
  • When you choose the Password Manager,  you will be prompted to a message asking for your confirmation.
  • Click on OK to show your trust.

Ways to Manage the Settings of Google Autofill

The settings window will appear only when the users will select Google in the above-given steps. If you are not choosing the password manager of any third party, then the Settings will not appear to do any adjusting. Here are the whole steps to edit and add your data in Autofill:-

  • First of all, go to the Settings section and tap on it.
  • Once you click on it, it will start displaying your primary user accounts along with associated phone numbers.
  • Click on Account and then click on the option. Continue if the authentic email address is displaying.

Note: If the email address displaying is not correct, then you can click on the arrow indicating down direction appearing to the user id. Here, you can select another suitable address. If you are not able to find it, then it can be added to it.

  • After enabling Autofill with the screen of Google, you will find several settings to do with Autofill such as addresses, personal information, payment methods, and also passwords. The users can modify their addresses, personal information, and methods of payment.
  • You can edit your personal information including your email, name, work history, education, sites, gender, profiles, and birthday. Click on the icon of Pencil to edit any of the required information.
  • You can click on Addresses to save it to Google Maps or to move it to any other place.
  • Click on Payment Methods option to connect it to Google Play.
  • Click on Passwords if you want to connect it to the password manager of Google.
  • The users, while clicking on Passwords, can enable options such as Auto-sign and saving passwords. Also, the users can enable any other site to save their passwords which have earlier been blocked.
  • Further, the users can click on the option. Add more if they wish to add passwords manually.

Delete Your Autofill Data on Android in This Way

Apart from editing Autofill Data on Android, the users can also delete their data which they think is incorrect. If the users are using the password manager of the third party, then the passwords can be removed directly and instantly. If the users are using Google app, then you will need to follow the following steps to delete your personal data:-

  • Go to the Settings and open it.
  • Start scrolling down until you find the option System and tap on it.
  • Now, you will find the option Language and Input, click on the option.
  • Further, click on the section Advanced to get it expanded.
  • You will be redirected to the section Autofill service, tap on it.
  • Now, Click on the section appearing as Settings.
  • Click on the options, Addresses, Personal information, Passwords, and Payment methods simultaneously.
  • On the screen showing the option Personal Information, click on the icon of Pencil and start deleting the information required to be removed.
  • Once the data are removed, click on OK.
  • While deleting Addresses, tap on the option, and then click on the icon on Pencil again.
  • The sign of X will appear just next to the address, click on X to remove the address you want.
  • If you want to delete Payment Methods, then go to the screen and click on Remove appearing next to your Account or credit card.
  • To delete the Passwords, go to the screen indicating Passwords and click on it.
  • Click on the website you wish to remove and then click on the option Delete.
  • You will confirm the removal by clicking on the Delete on the message.

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