How to keep your Traditional Evening Tea Time healthy! Healthy Snacks and Baked Chips

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How to keep your Traditional Evening Tea Time healthy

We’re in the midst of an amazing monsoon season and what better season of the year as the rain pours down, to sit by your balcony, or by the window during the evening gazing into beauty of the city we call home, enjoying a nice cup of tea and some snacks. Well here at DIPFoods we want to ensure, that your Tea-Time snacking with some Healthy Snacks is as refreshing and nutritious for your body, as it is for your eyes when they are gazed upon our beautiful city & also tea time snacks also curbs our cravings, by keeping us satiated for longer! Tea Time usually falls for us, 2-3 hours after lunch, but a couple of hours before dinner, and this is the prime place, where ditching the fattening foods and snacking on alternative healthy snacks, is very important for us. Wondering what to do? Don’t worry, we here at DIPFoods have got you covered!

Puffed Rice

Fry 2 handfuls of puffed rice in 1 Tablespoon of oil and add some seasoning, turmeric and salt. Store this in an air tight container and you can binge as part of your tea time Healthy snacks.

Baked Tortilla with Yogurt Dip (PLUG)

Corn tortilla chips and tacos are more filling than flour ones, and the non-fried ones have fewer calories than fried ones. Bake these with some refried beans or have them with some chopped tomatoes or a yogurt dip. If you aren’t in the mood to whip up something that requires a lot of cooking, Yogurt dips complement this dish extremely well and fulfil your cravings, too!

You can check out our incredible Yogurt Dip right here:

And to satisfy your cravings in a Healthy, hassle free manner, our very own DIP Baked Chips & DIP Tortilla Chips are a perfect compliment to this incredible Yogurt Dip!

Sautéed Corn

Corn is perfect with some herb mixtures. Just sautée two handfuls of corn with some basil, oregano and seasoning until they turn golden brown at the edges. You can also add some diced tomatoes, peppers and lemon juice for a corn salad. Pair this with a nice warm cup of tea, and here you have a perfect Healthy snack to get over the 5 pm hunger cravings!

Rusk (PLUG)

In India, Rusks are one of our favourite tea time snack. Dipping some crispy rusk in tea is something many of us have indulged in when we were kids and still continue to do so.Finding a good healthy rusk for me has become such a chore, but you can buy our very own DIP Foods Classic Rusk, they taste absolutely wonderful and are a Time Tested, Great Healthy Snack to compliment your Tea!

Little Sandwiches

Add some bite sized sliced and cubed bread at the end of some toothpicks. Add some sliced cheese, tomatoes and lettuce in between the bread. These small sandwiches make a very tasty and fulfilling tea time snack, Furthermore you can use brown bread in order to create an even more healthy snack!

Enjoy the monsoon’s & Have a Healthy Tea Time folks!


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