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In a world obsessed with getting the perfect physique, fitness trends have become part of our everyday vocabulary. With some fad diets promising a loss of 10 kgs in a week, to skinny teas that claim to give you a slimmer waist in 3 days, we’ve seen it all!

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While some of these trends have less than desired effects and negative after effects, knowing which trend to follow is obviously risky business. Like always we’ve got you covered!

We sat with our team and went over the highest trending fads to bring you the best one! After nitpicking, we think we might have come across a trend that is slowly picking up and is scientifically sound, thereby having negligible side effects.

This trend is called Carb Backloading, created by nutritionist John Keifer. It essentially allows you to eat carbs like burgers, cakes, etc. while still helping you reach your fitness goals!

Wait! What? How is that possible?! Aren’t carbs bad for you?

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Yes, we know you’ve heard it too! Because of the barrage of wrong and right information present on the internet, we kind of believed it too!

But the truth is no food group on its own is bad for you. Except all the processed nonsense made synthetically, of course. Our body needs every food group in order to function at its optimum best, which is why your diet needs to contain every macronutrient. Cutting out any one macronutrient could cause problems in the long run.

But what is Carb Loading exactly?

Carb loading is essentially holding off your carbs till dinner time or until after your workout, with no limitations on the kind of carbs you eat. You could choose to indulge in complex carbs like sweet potato, brown rice, etc. or simple carbs like white rice, bread, cake, the list is endless!

How does it work?

Let’s look at how carbs are processed before diving into the nitty-gritty’s of carb- back loading. Whenever you consume carbohydrates, they’re broken down into glucose, which raises your blood sugar levels and this process leads to the release on insulin to balance your sugar levels.

Insulin takes this converted form of carbs into either your muscles or your fat cells.

The more active you are, the more chances of your carbs getting converted to muscle, the more sedentary your lifestyle is, the higher the chances of your carbs turning into fat.

Carb back-loading manipulates insulin into turning your carbs to muscle, as you’re essentially consuming carbs right after your workout.

How do we get started?

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  1. 10 day diet

To get your body used to this, you need to start a 10-day diet. On the first 9 dies, you limit your carbohydrate consumption to 30 grams a day. This means, you can get your fill of proteins, fiber, fat, etc. Keifer recommends getting 10gms of protein per pound of your weight. Your 30gms of carbohydrate could be any kind you wish. Some great options are our range of Baked Multigrain Chips and Baked Pita Chips. These have 90% Less Oil as compared to their fried counterparts. So not only do they help in adding carbs with a quick snack but also help avoid all the unnecessary grease.

You might feel a little sluggish when you’re starting off.

  1. Carb loading day

On the 10th day, load up on carbohydrates and proteins right after your workout. Since your body is running low on its carbohydrate reserve, there’s no way it will store this intake into fat, it’s going straight to your gains!

Feed your body your favorite foods and let your body do what’s needed.

  1. Repeat

After your first 10-day boot camp, all you need to do is eat your carbs when you train heavy,

either in the afternoon or evening. On the days that your training is light, like low intensity cardio, continue with the 30 gm limit and your diet of the first nine days.

Bottom Line – Carbs are good, and Carb backloading lets you enjoy all your favorites while reaching your goals! Did your stomach just to a tiny dance? Ours did too!

And there you have it! We’re super excited to get on this wagon and get started on those abs that are long overdue. Will you be joining us?

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