How To increase your business sales using Email Marketing

by Adam Wright Software Analyst

Flash News: Email Marketing isn’t dead.

It may not be as flashy as some of the newer marketing channels such as Social Media Platforms, but it is still the most effective marketing method, and it is used by businesses all over the world to build audiences with great results.

Email Marketing is a great way to build relationships with your audience, and if used correctly, you can turn it into a profit-making tool with ease.

If you were to remember one point from this whole article, let it be that it’s about the relationship with the customer, it’s about the customer, not about you, your business, product, or service. Keeping this in your mind while creating your campaign will mean that your audience won’t only actually read your email, but will also be looking forward to the next one!

A healthy relationship with your audience will translate into more sales. So, how to do it?

We will answer that, but first, let’s quickly review what Email Marketing is used for. Email Marketing is used in 6 main ways:

1-      Build Relationships
Use it to get connected with your audience with personalized engagement

2-      Build Brand Awareness:
Email Marketing can be used to keep your brand and services on the minds of your prospects, so it’s much easier when you want to engage them

3-      Generate Leads:
When you offer them something of values that entices them enough, your subscribers will provide their info – mostly in exchange for something they find valuable (a discount, an ebook, etc.)

4-      Market Products:
Promote the services and products of your business

5-      Promote Relevant Content:
Share relevant content with your prospects

6-      Nurture Leads:
Entertain your audience with content that can help them fulfill their needs or get closer to their goals

The Question remains; How do you use Email Marketing to increase your business sales?

There are many ways, but we will restrict ourselves here to the four most common methods.

These are:

1-      *Welcome Emails

2-      *Transactional Emails

3-     * Follow-Up Emails

4-      *Limited Promotion Emails

Let us begin with

1-     Welcome Emails

These are the e-mails you send to someone when they sign up to be on your email list. These emails usually say Thank you and then give them some discount or offer on their next purchase.

The subject line of the e-mail should be clear and should show the percentage of the discount or offer. These e-mails enjoy a high open-rate and a good click-through rate. 

Welcome e-mails help a great deal in generating sales when used right.

Ideally, the visitors of your website will be offered the option to join the mailing list and get a special or a first-time offer. If they sign-up, they will receive an e-mail soon with the offer or discount, and this offer should bring them back to your website and help make the purchase decision easier.

The welcome e-mail helps keep your brand and products on the customer’s top of mind, and next time they will be looking for the same service or product again, they are more likely to start by looking at your website.

2-     Transactional E-mails

These are the e-mails you receive after you’ve bought something online. These could be the confirmation of order, a notice of shipping containing the tracking details, or a simple ‘thank you for buying’.

Customers usually are interested in these e-mails (since they’ve just made a purchase), and these e-mails enjoy a high open rate. Your goal then is to find out how to utilize this high open-rate to entice your customers to make another purchase.

There are a couple of ways in which you can do that:

a-       Send them recommendations of items that are often purchased along with the ones they just bought

b-      Send them a special offer for a future purchase

c-       Send them a list of items that are similar to the one they just purchased

Some people often act on impulse when they see an item related to the one they bought but haven’t thought about it while shopping. This works better if you give them a special discount on a similar item or offer the possibility to add this related item to their order for no (additional) shipping fees.

3-     Follow-Up Emails

Follow-up and re-order emails are essential to make your customers feel that your company pays attention to their needs. Emailing your customers to ask if they need help or if they are satisfied with their products can lead to additional sales.

This type of emails is especially rewarding in cases of items that people regularly need, such as pet food or beauty products. The email should show an image of the exact item they purchased as this can spark their memory as well as increase click-through rates because people tend to repeat the purchase of the exact item if they had a good experience with it and found the items to be satisfying.

This is also effective in cases of service-based industries where the clients require some sort of follow-up service. For Example, an accountant or an accounting agency will find it very beneficial to send a series of reminder emails to clients as Tax seasons get closer.

4-     Limited Promotion Emails

We, as humans, love sales. We jump on the opportunity to buy things we want if this opportunity is time-limited. We don’t like to lose out on something, so words like “For a Limited Time Only” or having an end date in the email tends to really heighten our sense of urgency and push us to make the purchase.

These types of emails are best sent periodically so that they don’t lose their effect. If you send too many of these e-mails to your customers, they become desensitized to them, and the emails don’t work anymore.  That’s why you should be careful not to send too many or too few; you want to send just the right number and at the right times to ensure the best results.

I hope you found this article helpful. If you did, why not share it with a friend or a colleague who may find something useful in it as well?

If you have a question or a comment, feel free to leave them below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. In case you are on the look for an email marketing service or want to make sure the one you currently have is still the best one for you, may we recommend spending a couple of minutes checking out the Top 10 MailChimp Alternatives for Email Marketing?

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