How to Increase Followers on Tumblr

by Alessia Martine

Has it been a long time for you on Tumblr and you still have very few followers? If the answer is yes, then here are the tested and proven solutions for you.


Tumblr is a microblogging platform where you can share your photos, selfies, infographics, etc in the form of short blogs to get more likes, comments, and followers. However, gaining a good online reach can be really difficult and slow. But, using the following tricks, you can speed up the process and see results in no time.

1. Follow more

Start following more and more people on Tumblr. Follow the top accounts of your industry. If you find creative or like-minded people on Tumblr, follow them even if they have fewer followers. Follow those who comment on your blogs regularly or reblog your post. In order to gain popularity, you need to turn on your online visibility game strong by following as many people as you can.

2. Post Interesting Pictures

Tumblr is the site made for posting pictures. If you post good pictures, you naturally catch the attention of all. Start posting, funny and witty pictures as the sarcasm goes a long way. Create your own fun GIFs and memes. Memes get reblogged the most, so it’s a tool to attract the audience. Be creative while posting pictures as aesthetic, bright, funny pictures make your profile stand out.

3. Post At The Right Time

Do you know that your post timing can make a lot of difference? Yes, it’s true, timing is the key. It is really important to post your blog at the time when maximum people are active. According to Union Metrics, 5 pm to 1 am is considered as the best time to post on Tumblr. This is the time when the maximum number of people are active on Tumblr and thus gives your post greater reach.

4. Go Social and Get Your Posts Shared

Tumblr allows the posts to be shared easily at any other social media platform without any extra installations. So all you need to do is use this feature to your benefit. Give people easy access to share your posts and pictures on Facebook, Instagram, etc. Always ask your blog visitors to share your posts on other social media if they like it. The more your posts are shared, the more viral it gets and brings traffic to your profile.

5. Make Your Blog Appealing

Creative and appealing blog designs catch the eye of all. If you have a dull or no design on your blog, people might not even check your profile. In order to get more visitors and more followers, go for the premium themes and not the free ones that are available. Spending some money can get you visible results in terms of shares, followers, and traffic.

6. Promote Your Tumblr Account

If you want to get more followers, don’t just post pictures, rather, use tactics to promote your account. Start reblogging whatever you find on Tumblr interesting or helpful. This will make your account one-stop for everything and will attract more audience. Similarly, like and comment on every post you come across. This will create good online engagement with other Tumblr bloggers and help you build a community to grow. Tagging is another thing that can help. Using the correct tags that relate to your posts can help your post appear in the search.

7. Observe Your Follower’s Behavior

One main aspect of increasing followers is to observe and analyze the behavior of your followers. Learn and try to understand which activity of yours is helping you gain followers. Is it your commenting or your reblogging? Is it your blogs being shared or your use of appropriate tags? Is it your engaging pictures, GIFs, memes, or content? Find answers to these questions and work in that direction. By knowing what exactly is attracting more followers you can channel more time in that activity to grow your followers.

Everything is really very simple. All it requires is you to follow each and every step properly, continuously, and with good patience. Nothing will happen overnight, you’ll have to work for it and it will take time.

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