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Getting likes on TikTok or getting liked in real life, are two different aspects many people fail to understand. Being handsome and attractive is not what will make you a TikTok star, but your creativity is what may propel you towards a new level of success.


Some people have turned themselves into at-home artists and make enough revenue by making TikTok videos at home. Even though some stroll around big parks and shopping malls to shoot a stylish video, they don’t find a way to succeed on TikTok. They never take cognizance of why their well-shot videos don’t get even thousand likes, while a video of an average quality goes beyond millions of likes. The five strategies to make you one in million on TikTok are given below.



Captivate audience

As is said “First impression is the last impression.” Follow the saying consistently if you really are willing to emerge as a TikTok star. You have just 15 seconds’ time to either win hearts or lose your trust on TikTok. You have to perform something that appeals to people just in 15 seconds. There are many social media platforms in the world. All social media platforms have their own relevance. TikTok is one of the most loved platforms on which everyone shows his/her swag. Make your constant efforts to entertain people or attract them towards what you do. If you just entertain people, you are less likely to grow on TikTok.

Try to make the quality-based content that not only entertains people but teaches something that evokes sympathy in their hearts. Learn from other creators about how to make videos that directly touch hearts. If you are in search of a great concept to make a video on, you must watch movies and soap operas that will give you a thought about what is the best topic to choose from. Many TikTok creators lip sync the song or dialogue and garner lots of likes. Formulas to succeed on TikTok primarily depend on what others like. All the creators who made their videos keeping people’s choice in mind, have reached the heights of success. All those who were just performing for the sake of entertainment and popularity, lagged behind in TikTok race.

Get in touch with others

You should be able to understand well what people are searching for and in need of. If you are one of those who can fulfil people’s demands, you are surely on the way to success. These people will leave no stone unturned to make you a popular creator on TikTok. Rising as a TikTok star is not difficult if you pay heed to what people actually have in their hearts! All those who make video for entertainment purposes are only instant celebrities whose popularity diminishes very soon. It is great to make TikTok videos to entertain people but teaching with entertainment is an extremely better idea that nobody is likely to resist.

The apex of success on TikTok is not as high as some think. If you are worth following, you will get followers. If not so not. Everything that makes your success feasible on this platform is just your performance, not anything else. Making your content, keeping viewers in mind, can lead you to success faster than (SEO) Search Engine Optimization. Some people bank on Search Engine Optimization. It works but often, your videos will automatically go beyond millions of likes if your content includes what people lie in wait for.

Put hashtags into use

By putting hashtags into use, you can very easily achieve the desired result on TikTok.

You can grow your fans by leaps and bounds. Hashtags helps your video get viral. Once your video gets viral, you are just a few steps away from the door to success. Many experts believe that the proper use of hashtags is a symbol of success. You should try in every way to make use of hashtags. This can surely make you reach every corner of the world.

Hashtags are known to be the best way to boost your social media presence in a rapid manner. It’s very important to know before you use hashtags. You must use only those hashtags that describe your content well. If your hashtags are “Happy,” “Joy” and “Fun,” and your content is about sad moments, your TikTok account may freeze. The freezing of account means; if you upload any new video, your video will freeze to 0-10 views. The improper use of hashtags can spoil your years of struggle. Avoid improper use of hashtags and use hashtags appropriate to the video.

Know the right time to post on TikTok

Like every other social media site, TikTok has its own hidden secrets about when to post videos. If you have prepared a video and are thinking about posting on TikTok in haste. It may surely ruin your chances of getting success. After making a video, the video should be well-edited and clips fitted to each scene. Trying to know what time would be best to post video? Just try to know what time most of your friends may be available online, in this way the video should be posted during the time when your friends are available online to watch it.

Encourage others to join you on TikTok

If you want more fans on TikTok, make videos with questions that urge viewers to give prompt answers. If people find you interesting, they will start following you.

Everyone loves to follow interesting people, you are really working hard on TikTok and not getting enough degree of success, that means you lack something that is called “sense of humor.” It has become essential in today’s generation to learn how to make others smile and laugh.

If you are skilled in performing magical tricks to make people laugh by your performance and act, success will make its way to your TikTok account very soon.

One of the best ways to get more fans is to create your account on all social media sites, invite your friends there to your TikTok account to have a glance at your videos and encourage them to follow you.

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