How far can you drive on a flat or a punctured tyre?

by SP TYRES Automotive servicing

Roads are the most unpredictable terrains. That’s why your tyres must be capable to bear a lot on such roads. Your tyre can either get punctured or go flat on the road. All because of the rugged patches and sharp objects lying there to welcome you. Getting a flat or a punctured tyre in the middle of the drive is something we all detest. Nobody wants to face this kind of untoward situation. Nevertheless, you have to deal with this situation. 

The situation gets even worse when you aren’t able to find a garage nearby. Now, the big question that arises here is: - how far can you drive on such tyres? If it’s a puncture, it mostly depends on the location of your puncture. Another deciding factor is the kind of road you’re driving on. If it’s a smooth road, you can still continue driving for a few more miles. 

Let’s find out what you can do with such tyres Telford and is it safe to drive with such tyres? 

What if your tyre gets flat on the road?

A tyre goes flat if it’s not inflated to the correct pressure. When you’re driving on the highway, you need to follow the highway code. A certain amount of pressure needs to be maintained on the road. A flat tyre can give you chills. If your tyre goes flat, try to find a place as soon as possible, where you can get it changed. 

The structural integrity of the tyre is at risk when it gets flat. So, you must get it replaced with a new one as quickly as you can. Your wheel can also get marred if you continue to drive with it. A tyre covered by the rim can help you drive to some distance. However, it’s quite possible that your rubber might snap off the wheel. If your car is driven on the metal, it can cause serious damage to the suspension of the car. Such damage can turn out to be quite pricey for the car.

Run-flat tyres: How safe are they?

Run-flat tyres are specifically designed for a purpose. They let you drive your car to a particular distance even after getting punctured. They bring no harm to the structure of the tyre and your tyre still retains its shape even after being punctured. With run-flat tyres Longton, you can at least reach a safe place. 

These tyres come with the precaution of the maximum speed that you can take them up to. These tyres also get exposed to friction and that friction produces heat on the roads. So, you need to follow the guidelines given by the manufacturer. This will minimize your risk on the roads. 

How far can you drive with a punctured tyre?

When your tyre gets punctured, it releases air slowly. This is unlike a flat tyre, which releases air instantly. A puncture can also weaken the structure of the tyre if not repaired quickly. However, you must check if this puncture is in the tread or in the sidewall. When your vehicle gets a puncture, you shouldn’t drive your vehicle at high-speed, as that can become a potential reason for a blowout. 

What if there’s a nail in your tyre?

Nails are the worst things that your tyre can face on the roads. If your tyres are new, there are chances are, there will be less damage to the tyres. However, a nail is never good for your car and you should get your tyre repaired without wasting much time. You never know what kind of damage a small screw can do to your tyre.

Whenever you go on a long trip, you must check your tyres in advance. Otherwise, you must keep checking your tyres every few weeks and look out for cracks and bulges in the tyres.

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