How To Drain Your Domestic Water Storage Tank Step By Step?

by Priti Das Marketing Executive
Often times, a plastic water storage tank is needed to be cleaned, or if there are any leakages or cracks, it is required to repair. The first step to do any of these things is draining the water of the tank. If you are a novice and you haven’t ever drained the water of your plastic water storage tank before, we are here to help you with it.  

Turn Off The Water Pump Or Well Pump 

The very first step should be to switch off the electric water pump. It can be easily located close to the pump. Make sure you do not touch the electrical if you are standing on or in water. You could get shocked or killed.

Open Or Close The Shutoff Valve

Your tank might have a shutoff valve either between the water tank and the building or between the piping and the water pump. If it is the first one, then you should open the shutoff valve. This is easily found on piping between the water pressure tank and the building water supply system piping. It remains quite close to the water pressure tank. But if it is the second option then you can close it. 

Connect A Drain Hose

This is needed so that you can drain the water tank properly. Connect a garden hose to the water tank's drain valve and take the other end of the hose to a suitable drainage location. Make sure that the drain hose is sloped down continuously from the point of connection to the water tank. But, instead, if your hose cannot maintain the slope then at least make sure that the down portion of the hose is longer than the length of hose between the water tank and the hose high point. You will be able to drain the water using gravity. You will be able to properly drain all the water from the plastic water storage tank

Open The Other Valves And Fixtures

The valve present in the plastic water storage tank in which you connected the drain hose needs to be opened. After that one or more nearby plumbing fixtures such as a sink or a tub faucet should be opened to allow air to enter the piping and water tank system. You won’t be able to drain all of the water out of the tank if you don’t allow air to enter the system. 

Wait Until The Water Leaves The Water Tank Completely 

After you have drained all the water the tank should be empty. But you should still make sure properly if you are unable to see for yourself. To do that you can gently rock the water storage tank to confirm that the tank is empty. Remember, it is important to check before you start your maintenance. 

After doing all this check whether your plastic water storage tank still has any water left or not. If not, you are free to clean or repair the tank now.

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