How to Clean and Care for a Cotton T-Shirt

by Sara Menon Urban Monkey

Be it t-shirts for men or t-shirts for women. T-shirts are the best outfits for all genders on all occasions. They are made from varied materials like cotton, polyester, poly-cotton, etc. Moreover, there is a wide range of varieties like streetwear t-shirts, rapper t-shirts, hip hop t-shirts, etc. Cotton t-shirts are comfortable to wear and stylish to look at. A brand new t-shirt feels soft to wear and looks bright and cheerful. However, their beautiful looks won’t last long if they are not given proper care. A few important tips could save your cotton t-shirts from getting stained and shrunk, and you can make them last longer. 

Washing tips

  1. Avoid washing in hot water.

The right temperature for washing cotton t-shirts like urban monkey t-shirts is 30-40 degrees. Many believe that dark-coloured clothes should be washed in cold water, and white clothes should be washed in hot water to ensure the stains go off. However, it is not so. White t-shirts also are washed in cold water because hot water breaks down the cotton fibres and ruins your t-shirts. Moreover, washing in cold water helps to avoid shrinkage. 

  1. Don’t overuse detergent.

The chemicals in the detergent powders and liquids wear away the cotton clothes easily. So, it is better to avoid using them in large quantities. If one of your favourite rapper t-shirts or hip-hop t-shirts is stained, go for natural stain removers like lemon juice and vinegar instead of using strong detergents. Rub on the stains and watch them vanish. 

  1. Turn them inside out. 

The prints on your printed cotton urban t-shirts will go off if you don't put them inside out while washing. It also reduces the friction on clothes. Moreover, it is effective to remove sweat stains. 

  1. Avoid frequent washing 

Don’t chuck your cotton t-shirt in the washing machine after wearing it for just a few hours. Frequent washing makes the colour fade and gives a worn-out look in a few washes. 

  1. Sort your t-shirts before washing 

Never make the mistake of throwing all your clothes into the same load. Sort them by colour and fabric. Dark-coloured clothes tend to colour-bleed, and rough fabrics can damage the cotton t-shirts. 

  1. Use the bleach carefully.

Never use chlorine bleach while washing non-white cotton t-shirts. It should be used only for cotton t-shirts. Moreover, concentrated bleach will cause damage to cotton material. So, dilute and use it if you want to brighten your load of white cotton clothes. 

  1. Avoid tumble drying

Air dry your cotton t-shirts, as tumble drying will make them shrink. 

Stain removal tips 

  • Did you spill coffee on your favourite t-shirt? Don’t worry. Soak the t-shirt in cold water as early as possible. If the stain does not go away, mix a few spoons of vinegar in a cup of water. Soak a cloth in it and rub it over the stain. 

  • Apply a few drops of lemon juice and rub the stains gently before throwing the t-shirt into the machine.

  • If there is an oil stain on the t-shirt, you can mix a teaspoon of washing soda with a cup of water. Soak a cotton ball and rub over oil stains. Washing soda has the property of removing even the tough stains, as it is extremely alkaline. 

When you buy t-shirts online, make sure you buy the best quality ones like the Urban Monkey. Moreover, you should also make sure that you take proper care of them because even the best quality cotton t-shirts will not last long if not given proper care.

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