Polarized Vs. Non-Polarized Sunglasses: Which Is Better For You?

by Sara Menon Urban Monkey

Have you been thinking of buying new sunglasses lately? Have you been planning to replace your old sunglasses? Are you wondering what kind of sunglasses you should be buying that are right for you? Here is your guide to choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses. 

Wearing sunglasses during summer and in brightly lit environments helps protect your eyes from the harsh light. It reduces exposure to ultraviolet light that is not good for the eyes. Remember that not all sunglasses are the same. Quality makes a big difference. That is why you must look at Urban Monkey. 

Polarized V/S Non-Polarized glasses: Everything that you need to know

The similarity between polarized and non-polarized sunglasses is that both of them reduce brightness. They help protect your eyes from harsh bright light. However, the significant difference between polarized and non-polarized glasses is that polarized sunglasses give you added protection by preventing glare. 

Did you know the horizontal orientation of light causes that glare? When this kind of light reflects off specific surfaces, it causes glare. Polarized glasses can prevent this glare because they have a special coating. This coating blocks out horizontally reflecting light.

Polarized sunglasses are best for those spending time outdoors - having a fun beach day, skateboarding, sightseeing, or shooting a rap video! You can see past reflections from the water, shiny building sides, and smooth metallic surfaces. Polarized sunglasses will be your best friend. 

If you are an urbanist, you will indeed be exposed to high screen time. When you are editing your videos, watching movies, and socializing over social media platforms, you are at risk of high screen exposure that is harmful to your eyes. Again, the polarised glasses come to your rescue. 

If you are a travel freak who loves taking road trips, you know that the glaring headlights are a part of the parcel. With polarised sunglasses at your beck and call, you can now cut off the not-so-fun details of your journeys. 

Considering all of these, here is one central question: Should you opt for polarised sunglasses? Which are the best sunglasses for men and women? This verdict shall be declared based on the polarised v/s non-polarised sunglasses debate. You should opt for Urban Monkey’s Polarised sunglasses

Reasons to buy from Urban Monkey

Urban Monkey focuses on advancing fashion by supporting the underground street culture of India. If we don’t take pride in what’s ours, how will others? Urban Monkey is an all-vegetarian brand that means that no animals are harmed or used in any production process of the merchandise. Urban Monkey also sponsors the education of hundreds of underprivileged children of our country and paves the way for social responsibility. 

Quit mulling over which sunglasses to buy and visit Urban Monkey to find the perfect pair of sunglasses.

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