How to choose an Oil Skimmer for Machine Shop?

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The use of an oil skimmer in the machine shop setting holds multiple benefits. Removing the oil from a machine coolant tank will begin some aesthetic benefits like cutting down on the amount of the smoke created from the cutting tool coming into the contact with oil loaded coolant. When a machine is shut down for the weekend, the oil has a chance to come to the surface of the coolant tank. Bacteria that are living in the coolant tank use the dissolved oxygen in the coolant mix, a procedure that is increasing by having a layer of oil on the surface. It allows odor-causing anaerobic bacteria to thrive and giving off that familiar “rotten egg” smell.

Separating the oil from the coolant will also help to lessen the disposal costs. The expenses of disposing of oil loaded coolant are more expensive than disposing of oil. In fact, in some cases, companies might be able to re-use the oil elsewhere or sell it for recycling. Having an oil-free coolant can also expand its effectiveness and usefulness, by lessening the expense on coolant and maintenance replacement. As the research on the several types of skimmers initiates, a person will find that there are a variety of skimmers are available to them. The most common types are the disk, belt, and tube skimmers. Every type of skimmer has its advantages and disadvantages.

Belt Skimmers

The belt skimmer works just by mounting to the top of the edge of a tank and running an endless belt (made of plastic, stainless steel or poly materials) into the tank. The belt is held in the vertical position by means of a motorized head pulley and also free tail pulley. The belt travels via the surface of the coolant and gathers the oil. The belt after that passes via a pair of wiper blades where the oil is wiped of both belt sides.

With its compact size, it needs very little operating space. Belt skimmers have good oil pick up rates (up to 2 gallons per hour, depending on belt width). This type of skimmer can handle fluctuating coolant levels while still maintaining less operating space and maximum pick up capacity. Stainless steel is usually the standard belt material, making it able to operate in high temperatures without additional expense. The cost of the belt skimmer is comparable to other types.

There are actually no disadvantages to using a belt skimmer over other types of skimmers. The pick-up rates are comparable or better than the other skimmers and it is competitively priced.

Small Diameter Tube Skimmers

The tube skimmer works by mounting to the side of a coolant tank and also running an endless, small diameter tube onto the surface of the coolant. The rube gathers the oil and then, brings it back to the skimmer where it is removed and deposited into a proper disposal container.

Being able to mount this skimmer on the side of a machine coolant tank is this unit’s biggest advantage, and allows it to work where vertical access isn’t an option. It has disadvantages also and that is the minimal oil pick up rate. An access hole should also be cut into the side of the coolant tank that can cause coolant spillage. The price of this unit is comparable to other oil skimmers.

Disk Skimmers

The disk skimmer works by mounting to the top of the tank and also running a large diameter disk into the coolant surface. The disk itself is made of either plastic or stainless steel. As the disk passes via the coolant surface, oil is picked up and also wiped off with a set of wipes blades as the disk passes between them.

The advantage of using the disk skimmer is a somewhat higher pickup rate (approximately 1% gallons per hour in premium conditions) than other types of skimmers. The other advantage is that it tends to be on the less end of the price scale.

While choosing the appropriate oil skimmer, the customer should take into consideration the application in which the oil skimmer is going to be used. Factors including tank size, access to the coolant, oil removal rates, as well as the other factors that are discussed above should be assessed to make the most appropriate skimmer choice. Clear Ion Experts PVT.LTD has been emerged in manufacturing this skimmer in different specifications to meet the clients’ diverse requirements.

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