How to Choose an Appropriate Perfume?

by Akash Sharma Akash Sharma

Humans, much like animals, are territorial and possess the desire to mark their territories. So it is not for no reason that personalized items are all the rage. A perfume is an accessory that is unique to every person. Several factors come into play, from your personality to your skin type, when choosing a scent for yourself.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you first venture on your olfactory journey:

     Note the Notes

Every perfume is made up of a number of different scents. Each of these notes works in tandem to prepare the all-over scent that we experience. Some typical notes are floral, citrus, musk, etc. Bloom Eau de Parfum by Gucci and Miss Dior by Cristian Dior are some exquisite floral perfumes, while Jo Malone London perfume is an example of a citrus scent.

      Pay Heed To The Concentration

Contrary to popular belief that all perfumes evaporate and cease to be effective after a stipulated period of time, perfumes owe their longevity to their concentration. Parfums are most concentrated. They also last the longest and are the most expensive. Eau de toilette and eau de cologne follow close behind with 6 hours and 2 hours long life, respectively. So choose your scent, keeping your needs in mind.

      Spray Wisely

It is always better to spray your scent on the areas of your body that are covered with thin skin. This is because the scent will be warmed due to the blood flow and keep evaporating from time to time. Spray your perfume on the inside of your wrists, behind your ears, on the nape of your neck, and on your belly. Another good idea is to spray your perfume right after your bath, as moist skin traps the perfume molecules better.

      Always Test Your Scent

Each person has a unique set of pheromones. These might work well with perfume or might clash with it and subdue its effect. It is always a good idea to spray a bit of the fragrance and observe its effect over a period of time. This will help you discern how your chemical makeup reacts to the chemicals of the perfume.

      Keep Your Personality in Mind

This might appear like an ambiguous tip, but it does matter. Certain scents are bold and strong with pronounced flavors like cinnamon, rose, star anise, etc. At the same time, scents that have vanilla, sugar, or jasmine are milder. Scents like musk and rose are usually associated with a sultry or romantic personality.

      Occasions Matter

Floral and citrus notes work well for a day gathering where you want to wear something light, while bolder and more romantic scents work well for more glamorous gatherings in the evenings.

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