How to Choose a Perfume For Day Time

by Perfume Booth Marketing Manager
Stepping out of the house during the summertime without applying perfume seems a very unlikely event. Whether it is a man or a woman, everyone pays attention to their self-grooming, adding a touch of freshness to it with a good smelling perfume. Especially during the summer season with all the heat and humidity, using perfume becomes imperative for one. When you are trying to cover up the sweat odour, it is crucial to choose a perfume, which is capable to do so. You cannot step out wearing your perfume meant for the winter season or the one you got for the party. For day time use, a perfume needs to have special features that set it apart from the rest of the perfume types.
Mural in Bleu Perfume
If you are struggling while finding that ideal summer day perfume, these tips are going to come in handy in making it possible:

Summer-friendly notes-

When it comes to buying perfume for the summer season, one cannot ignore notes. Notes are the identification card of any perfume that will tell you what this perfume contains and what you can expect from it. Since feeling fresh and energetic is the main need of the summer season, you need fragrance notes, which can provide you with that:

Citrus notes: One of the most popular fragrance notes suitable for the hotter months is citrus notes. It has a refreshing effervescent property that makes it stand apart. Look for perfumes that contain this in their base as well as middle and top notes if you wish to smell amazing in the summer season. Some of the options are Lemon, Lime, Orange, Bergamot, Neroli, Yuzu lemon, Mandarin orange, bitter orange and various other citrus fruits and leaves. Even lemongrass is a part of this category. Perfumes like Mural in Bleu Perfume for Men contain citrus notes.

Fresh fougere notes: Along with citrus, another favourite of the summer season is the fresh fougere notes. These notes are cooling, refreshing and relaxing just like citruses. In the fresh category, there are aquatic notes, marine notes, peppermint, mint, water-based notes and such others. For the fougere, there are herby notes having coriander, basil, fresh cut leaves, fresh cut grass, aloe vera, lemon leaves, moss, oakmoss, ferns and such other green notes. All these are great for the summer season. Mural in Bleu Perfume carries cool blue notes for keeping you fresh.

Strength of the fragrance:

Those perfumes that you bought for the evening times and for the winter season contain strong fragrances and strong scents are a big no-no in the summer season. You need long lasting yet gentle fragrances which can travel around with as little heat as possible. Strong perfumes with pungent notes may smell good for the while but when you step out in the heat and sweat starts dripping down, it can turn this fragrance scent into a hot mess. Go with gentle scents and summer friendly notes to cover up the sweat odour and smell amazing throughout the day time.

Keeping all these points in mind, you can buy an idea day perfume for the hot months. Several top brands like Mura De Ruitz are providing summer friendly perfumes. Check out their range on top-selling online perfume stores.

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