How Often Should Black Hair be Washed?

by Mary Davis Makeup Expert

You can choose from various methods to wash your black hair: shampoo, dry shampoo, co-wash and a hair washer. But the question is, "How Often Should Black Hair be Washed?"

It is a common question among black hair care experts. To prevent your black hair from drying out and breakage, it should be needed to wash it properly every day.

What is the Best time to Wash Black Hair?

Hair should be washed every two to three days, according to experts suggestion. You should not, however, clean it too often. Because washing your hair too frequently will dry it out and cause scalp irritation and dandruff.

So the answer to the question "How often should black hair be washed?" is really "the amount of time that your hair requires".

Hair Washing Tips for Long Black Hair:

You don't have to worry if you have very long black hair, as this shouldn't be a cause for concern.

  • Just make sure to get rid of any tangles using your fingers first.
  • Then wash your hair using your favourite black hair care product, preferably one that contains humectants (for elasticity) and pectin.
  • And just like with white hair, you also need to use a conditioner after each wash.
  • Use a mild conditioning treatment once a week.

Recommended Product:

Matrix Biolage Fiberstrong Conditioner

(With its deep nourishment therapy, Matrix Biolage Fiberstrong Conditioner contains the natural power of ceramide and bamboo to repair your coarse and damaged hair.)

Basic Black Hair Care Tips:

Now that you have your basic black hair care supplies, you're ready to put your theory to the test. So how often should black hair be washed? The answer depends on the individual black hair care routine. But generally, black hair needs to be cleaned daily. The frequency can depend on the products that you use, your hair's natural oil, and your daily habits.

Women's Hair Care Experts Suggestions:

Many women's hair care experts suggest that black hair should be washed every day. But some experts advise doing it twice daily because it helps to stimulate blood flow. This way, your scalp will receive the moisture that it needs.

If you have curly hair, make sure to roll it up or else it might cause breakage. For straight hair, just wash it straight.

How Often Should We Use Shampoo?

Of course, washing your black hair also depends on how many times you shampoo it. If you're the type who usually showers or just wash your hair every morning, then there's no need for you to wash your hair more than necessary.

What Type of Shampoo Should We Use?

But if you're the kind who needs to cleanse it every day, then you might want to consider using a shampoo that contains clay extracts, like shampoos with SLS and SLES. These are known as "dandruff shampoos." You may also want to use a shampoo that includes vitamins for better circulation and colour.

How Often Should We Use Hair Conditioner?

How often you should wash your hair is also determined by the products that you use for your hair. It would be best to choose those that do not contain harsh chemicals. If you have dry black hair, then using a conditioner once a week is enough.

However, If You Have Oily Black Hair:

You might want to use conditioners every day, especially during summer. Hair Care experts say that if you have very oily hair, then you should wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo every day to keep your hair looking great.

Some Useful Tips for Busy Persons:

How often you should be washing your hair is really determined by your lifestyle. If you're a busy person with a very tight schedule, then you may opt to skip washing your black hair altogether. But even if you have to squeeze in some time for your hair, you should still take care of it.

It's more important to moisturize your hair with daily hair moisturizer from time to time. Regular moisturizing will doesn't dry out and get frizzy.


There is no better way for those who are very busy to achieve that goal than to get their hair professionally treated. A hairstylist can even get your hair coloured, so you can look as if you just spent the day at the salon.

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