What if all your life you have washed your hair badly?

by Tina S. Content Writer

Leaving aside all the products and treatments that you apply to care and/or comb your hair, there was a well-defined way in which you were taught to wash your hair as a child. To you, to me, and to every neighbor: first you wet it, soap it with shampoo, rinse and, once it's clean and wrung out, apply the mask or conditioner before re-lightening. It is and has always been the case ... until we have discovered a new trend in one of our leading websites in terms of beauty:  Refinery29 has a theory that, if true, would show that we have been doing everything wrong for years. The website proposes to apply the conditioner before the shampoo to nourish fine hair without adding weight or caking. In addition, they say, these new gesture wills help the shampoo is distributed more evenly throughout the mane and that the hairstyles last longer.


And not only has the environment defended it. It turns out that there are several hair product companies that are launching hair care lines that propose the exact opposite of what we have been doing with our hair. That is to say: apply the specific treatment before carrying out the washing itself. There is no avenue that does not have a hairdresser, a beauty salon or a spa.  Tresemmé, for example, is one of the last to support this change with its Beauty-Full Volume line, which specifies using the conditioner before the shampoo and promises to get an extra volume without having to apply products to the hair once it is clean.


A priori seems crazy, but it is not so much if we remember and remember that there are those who practice method and wash their hair only with water; or those who choose co-wash, which involves replacing the shampoo with a conditioner. Precisely because of this, because everything that glitters is not gold and because we are fed up with the succession of crazy fashions in terms of hair care, we have consulted first level experts about this idea of turning the issue around. 

Is it true that, as some stylists defend, to reverse the process could be the key to end the heaviness of the hair? Attentive because, now more than ever, information is power:

1.       The order of the factors does alter the product. Applying the conditioner first, in reverse order to the usual one, is counterproductive artistic "If we apply the conditioner previously, the hair fiber will not be free of impurities and pollution -the main enemy of our scalps, so the treatment will lose its intensity And, besides, far from preparing the hair, it will seal it preventing the shampoo from cleaning it in depth ".

2.     If you use conditioner to untangle and add shine to your hair, do it after washing. "The shampoo in second place would eliminate its effects", "the conditioner is a good ally to get immediate results but its effect is limited in time; if we wash then we will eliminate it.”

3.       Wear a mask as a pre-shampoo treatment. In the case of the mask, reversing the order itself is a good option.  "Unlike the conditioner, the mask has a long-term nutritional effect, so it is recommended to apply it one or two hours before washing to act in depth."


4.       And get a plus of benefits:  "It is ideal for those people who do not usually use a mask because they feel it leaves their hair very heavy. When applied before shampooing, the hair enjoys its benefits but without leaving that feeling of heaviness that disappears precisely when washed, "recommends Omar.


Come on, that any benefit that can bring the conditioner, it would take the shampoo ahead if we ignore the latest trend that circulates on the Internet. Of course, something different would happen in the case of masks, with more long-term effects.

Of course, in matters of beauty - of skin, hair and taste - there is nothing written. The results and techniques to follow are as varied and multiple as people use them. Although in this case, the experts are quite clear: no, you have not been washing your hair badly.




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