How many glasses of water should you drink in a day?

by Doris H. Doris, Health Myth Buster

Drinking water is a basic human necessity. Come on, isn’t that obvious! Nut do you know what is so annoying? It is being told the ideal number of glasses of water a day that must be drunk! The world if full of myths and people are as it is so unaware about basic facts about health, then why is such a simple element like water also trapped in the world of myths?

You often might have heard people telling you to drink eight glasses of water a day. Many people also say that if you drink eight to twelve glasses of water a day you will lose weight. Jeez! Another weight loss myth it is. When people tell you these numbers so confidently, have you ever wondered from where they derived these conclusions and under what climatic conditions and physical activities do these numbers fit well?

Let’s talk logic

A person’s body requires water according to how much it loses. This loss happens in the form of sweat. Sweat is indeed stimulated by physical activities and climatic conditions. So, isn’t it obvious that one number will not suffice for all!

People who indulge in more physical activities like athletes, laborers, gym freaks, etc. sweat more as compared to a person who does not indulge in physical activities that much which makes it pretty obvious that they need more water than the others. Now think for yourself- will the same amount of water suffice for a person in the desert and a person who lives in colder regions? Obviously not! Any smart person will understand that persons living in hotter regions will require more water as compared to those living in colder regions. Doesn’t that itself clear all doubts that one number does not fit for all bodies?

So, how many glasses?

Glass of water a day explained by Punit Dhawan

It is not the number of glasses but the liters of water that matter! You can drink twenty glasses of water and still not fulfill your body’s requirement, because the size of the glass is small (just kidding). On an average, three to five liters of water a day is recommended but it is your region and climatic conditions along with your body that can give you the right answer. Thus, the best is to take expert advice and not follow myths. Talking about myths, if you by any chance have more interest in facts about health and are disgusted by listening to so many bogus myths, Punit Dhawan is an excellent choice for you.  His website is rich in facts about health and his books clearly tell you the truth behind such vague myths.

The entire point is keeping your body hydrated. Drink water regularly. Now you don’t have to set an alarm in your phone and use those apps that tell you- Okay…tee dee……time to drink water…ding dong!!

The world is progressing and with that myths are progressing too in fooling maximum number of people! Be wise and believe facts. Three to five liters a day is good for your body.  Seek expert advice and be wise!

Last but not the least, if you believe that drinking excess of water is going to have miraculous benefits, it’s time to stop and change your beliefs! The human body is designed to accept everything in the right amounts. Too much of anything is always harmful. So don’t expect results overnight. Water benefits the body but too much of it will harm you. If you are wondering about what kind of harm is possible, Punit Dhawan can help you out.

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