How Effective is Using CBD Oil for Shingles in 2021?

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CBD oil for shingles

Shingles in humans are caused by a virus called varicella-zoster, also known as chickenpox. When someone has chickenpox, the virus remains dormant in their bodies until it is activated.

When a person develops shingles, the discomfort and inconvenience can be a very disruptive process to go through and, although the symptoms experienced by the shingles virus isn't life-threatening it does attack the immune system and can cause serious problems if not treated swiftly especially for a person over 50 years of age.

Many treatments are routinely used; however, they may not work in all cases and may have side effects. As far as using CBD oil for shingles, it has been used to effectively treat the uncomfortable symptoms of this condition. Let us give you some sheds on how CBD oil works for Shingles. Let's get started.

What are Shingles?

A viral infection causes blisters and painful rashes that are called shingles to form on the side of the body. Any time during your life, you can contract chickenpox. The virus can live latently in the nerve tissue of your spinal cord and brain. When the virus reactivates years later in your body, it moves back into the nerve pathways in your skin, resulting in shingles.

Shingles usually cause pain and blisters on the torso, but they can also spread to the neck and face. The common symptoms of shingles are burning, sensitivity to touch, itchiness, and numbness. People also often complain of headaches, fever, light sensitivity, and fatigue. Although most people recover fully, more acute cases may result in loss of eyesight, skin infections, or neuralgia (which is a form of nerve pain or neuropathic pain).

Using CBD Oil to Relieve Shingles Pain

By increasing the body's production of anandamide, a CBD product may help alleviate Shingle's discomfort. Specifically, it influences CB1 receptors in the ECS, which regulates pain sensitivity, especially in neuropathic and inflammatory conditions. Pain relievers can have adverse effects or become habit-forming, which is why many people look for alternatives. CBD oil may be a better option than standard medications for those suffering from the discomfort associated with shingles.

Using CBD Oil to Treat Shingles Inflammation

The red rash of shingles is caused by skin inflammation, another ailment where cannabidiol CBD oil can provide effective treatment. Several components of CBD oil can connect with CB2 receptors, which control how the body responds to inflammation. A CBD salve may be very effective concerning shingles pain, as CBD oil is thought to have anti-inflammation properties, thus reducing the severity and length of the symptoms.

The effects of CBD on the endocannabinoid system are responsible for all of this. Since inflammation worsens shingles rashes, and because the endocannabinoid system is directly involved in inflammation management, it's easy to see why CBD oil is so widely used.

Why CBD Oil for Shingles Outbreak?

There is a system of receptors called endocannabinoids throughout the body, which regulates inflammation, pain, emotion, and memory to prevent pathological changes. In CBD oil, there are cannabinoids, the natural chemicals that activate endocannabinoid receptors. The body will respond to these by reducing the swelling and pain associated with shingles.

The Takeaway

An uncomfortable medical condition, shingles can cause major disruptions to your life. Treatments currently available are only marginally successful and have a myriad of side effects.

Research shows that CBD oil can help reduce nerve-related pain as well as postherpetic neuralgia so pain management is possible when trying to deal with a shingles outbreak. However, to prevent nerve damage from occurring it's best to start effective treatments as soon as you start to notice or have confirmed that the rashes you are starting to see are in fact a shingles outbreak.

You should always consult your doctor before modifying your prescriptions or taking any natural supplements but be sure to also ask how effective it would be to use CBD oil for shingles.

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