How effective is laser hair removal for removing hair?

by Amit Negi Digital Marketing Expert
This modern era loves to move with the trend where traditional techniques are being overruled by new and effective ones. Only temporary results are achieved through old techniques like waxing, plucking or shaving in terms of hair removal for women. Waxing can lead to skin rashes or sometimes may lead to infection, especially for women diabetes or poor blood circulation. Plucking is always painful whereas shaving gives irritation to the skin. Laser treatments are way above the above mentioned process and is mostly preferred in terms of hair removal nowadays.

Concept of laser hair treatment

The main component of this treatment which is a laser emits a beam of laser light which reaches the hair follicles through the skin and gets absorbed. Heat is generated in the area where the beam is absorbed, which destroys the hair follicle. Post dermis penetration does not happen and also the rest of the skin ,leaving the follicle is not affected by the beam. Internal organs also remain safe and untouched by the laser.

One session is not enough and requires around 6-8 sessions for the complete removal of the hair. With every session, the hair gets lighter and the reproduction of hair by the follicle is prevented by making it sterile. Laser treatment does not hamper the skin structure or the delicate pores in the skin successfully removes unwanted hairs with a success rate of 90%. If you are tired of the going with the traditional techniques and want quick and effective results, you can try out the laser hair removal clinic in Delhi.

Both men and women can opt for this treatment

The time has gone when hair removals were something only invested upon by women as nowadays even men are cautious about their appearance as well as health. Men often have to deal with unwanted hair on their back, chest and legs and the embarrassing situation which arises on their exposure. Also, it can be a solution to regular shaving if you do not fancy your beard and often shave it.

Laser treatment can reduce their growth to 80% and this may require 6-8 treatments which may increase to 12 even depending on the testosterone levels. Men who are involved in the profession of acting or modelling require to maintain their looks on a regular basis and mostly opt for full body hair removals.

Is the treatment worth investing?

Money matters in everything we do, so before you invest you must be aware of the cost involved. Laser hairremoval cost in Delhi ranges somewhere between ₹1500-₹3000, which varies with the skin type and texture, hair density and the type of laser used. Although priced higher than traditional ones, but it is something worth investing. Hairs are destroyed from their roots and with ongoing treatment, the skin gets smoother and post-treatment scars or marks are there.

Full body laser hair removal in Delhi is also something you can opt for and you are assured to get the desired results reflecting soon. So go ahead and treat your body with some smooth skin.

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