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by Amit Negi Digital Marketing Expert

While shuffling through television channels, we often stumble upon the beautiful faces of celebrities and wonder to ourselves “Where do they get that glorious charm from?” Our skin is our greatest asset and investing the adequate resources in it might help us achieve the look we always dreamt of. In order to get a rejuvenated and refreshed skin, the treatment you can count upon is ‘Carbon peeling’.

So what exactly is Carbon peeling?

Being discovered in Hollywood, carbon peel treatment is popularly known as Hollywood peel or Miami peel. It is a face laser treatment which focuses on the use of Carbon for extracting contaminants and oil from deep within the pores of your skin. It has gained popularity in the recent past due to its ability of providing great exfoliation, leaving behind an instant glow and a far more smother, softer, firmer and a radiant skin.

A layer of liquid activated carbon is applied to the face and is left for a while in order to let it penetrate deep into the pores. The carbon absorbs all the contaminants in these pores. Later on, a qs and yag laser light which is highly attracted to the carbon particles is passed over this layer. The laser destroys all the carbon particles on the surface of the skin and those seated deep within the pores thereby taking with it the contaminants attached to the carbon particles, giving you a cleansed and rejuvenated skin.

But why carbon peeling?

We all are guilty of making numerous visits to the parlour to get flawless skin. It’s time we ask ourselves a few questions-

·         How long does the glow attained from parlour facial last?

·         Are you scared that your skin will react adversely if you try new products for facials?

·         Does a facial promise you’ll get the results you have in mind?

The answer, though correct; are disheartening. Aren’t they? So, rather than spending enormous amounts of money over and over again with no guarantee of desired results, why not try something concrete? Let’s see if carbon peeling is the answer to all these problems.

·         How long do the results last? - It mainly depends on the type of your skin. However, in order to get long lasting results, a few treatments will do the job.

·         Will your skin react adversely to the treatment? – The answer is a clear ’NO’. The primary reason why carbon peeling has gained so much importance is that it suits all skin types and doesn’t leave any side effects behind.

·         Does it promise you the desired results? – Hollywood facial is hands down the best thing that’ll happen to you. The treatment promises to provide all the above mentioned results immediately.

You must have got your answers to what you should opt for now. However, the trail doesn’t end here. Apart from all this, there are a few more reasons why you should give carbon peeling a try-

·         It’s quite normal that when we read of lasers touching our skin, we expect a little pain. But no worries here, as the procedure of carbon peeling is absolutely pain-free.

·         The only thing we may feel that traditional facials do better than medical treatments is that they are quick. But same is the case here. Carbon peeling is popularly known to be a “lunch-time process” since the procedure is less- time consuming.

Isn’t it great that now you have even more reasons to give it a try?

What to expect?

We have now discussed why we should opt for carbon peeling. But what exactly does it do to our skin is a more important question at hand. The results from carbon peeling are as follows-

1.       Instant radiance and glow

2.       Even skin tone

3.       Improved skin texture

4.       Reduced oiliness and acne

5.       Firmer skin and reduced pores

6.       Provides exfoliation to the skin and gets rid of dead skin cells

The treatment has proven to be the best at what it does. So now all you have to do is take care of your skin from within and carbon peeling will take care of it from the outside.

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