How Does BullGuard Protect Social Media Account?

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Social Media account has become one of the most famous ways of entertainment. The online services which you are signed up to are so many that you think of them as being web accounts. The web-based accounts range from emails to several social media accounts whether they are chat platforms or professional networks.

Social networks are now has become commonplace and ubiquitous even Grandad and Gran are on them and never skanky scamsters know this? Well, BullGuard protects against social media accounts and according to this security software, you should follow a few tips to keep your social media account safe and secure.

How does BullGuard protect social media account?

Social Networks-

There are a few things which you have to keep in mind and for that, move ahead with the below-given tips-

• You must have a secure Facebook account in case if you use this platform. Follow all of the account verification procedure that is provided to ensure that your account as secure as possible
• You can keep your password secure and never share it with anyone or don’t store it in your mail inbox. In case, if you log on at the cyber care or same as that, then remember to log right back off when you are all set with it. if possible then, avoid checking your social networking accounts on anything but your own device only but in case, if you don’t have any choice then,
• Never click on “Keep me logged in” or similar access checks for long-term when entering the site
• Be aware of who is around you and when you key in your password and be secret so that no one can grab attention while using the site-

Privacy Settings-

• Use the security features to limit who can see you
• Only share photos, videos, and other content with friends
• In Facebook, change the tagging and timeline to be friends only
• Friend only those people you actually know and if you don’t know the person – you don’t know them that who are they?


Despite the reams of the horrible and advice hacks which have resulted from simple passwords cracks, there still are a large number of people who don’t seem to get the fact that they need to set strong and tough passwords.

The tools are available for hackers to hack passwords are many and varied. The best securities you have against password hacks are passwords that include alphabets, numbers, and symbols. By keeping this in mind, you have to consider the following-

• Never use obvious passwords like your name, girlfriend name, boyfriend name, pet name, spouse, children, or any really obvious stuff.
• Use Password Strength checkers to check a passwords range before using a password
• Change your passwords and never be so confident about the strong password and it can be hacked by the determined hacker
• Never use the same password in all web-based accounts that you have. Doing this might be the greatest pitfall ever. If a hacker gets to know one password your digital life will wipe out completely

You might agree with all the points above but wonder how to manage many tough passwords that you change frequently? It is good to point and consider a password manager, you can change all of the passwords so that every single piece should be different and long, and tough to guess.

Tips to keep social media account secure: BullGuard

• Ignoring security settings – Privacy and security threats will ruin an online reputation, cyberbullies, cyberstalkers, and child predators
• As a teen, lying about my age and setting dates with strangers offline. Offline threats – cyberstalkers, and child predators
• Answering every pop-up that is linked with survey/quiz- Internet security threats including identity theft and phishing attempts
• Clicking on the link which you come across – Internet Security threats – malware infections and phishing sites
• Falling for online scams and making fake purchases – jumping at the change, Internet Security threats, and also consists of malware infections and phishing sites.

About safe behavior on Social Networks

The actions which are mentioned are definitely social networking “No-Nos”

The below-mentioned simple rules are ideal if you want to make sure that your behavior and that of your teens, and kids for that matter, never keep your security and privacy at risk.

• Never add strangers as friends on Facebook
• For every photo, status, post, which you share on your social networks, do the “granny test” and ask first yourself, if it is safe to post or not
• Never share posts about going on Vacation – you can post about it when you are back in case if you want to

Beware of Facebook Malicious links to the fake photos and videos that are posted by strangers – if they are accompanied by some outrageous news, celebrity, or event gossip that are written in incorrect grammar, avoid or remove them from your profile. These types of posts might redirect you to phishing sites or start an automatic malware download to the PC when you click on them. Also, be aware of such photos and links that are shared by your friends as they might have been infected with a Facebook “auto-sharing virus”.

Make sure that you have installed BullGuard internet security on your PC which comes with a Safe browsing tool for Facebook. BullGuard Safe Browsing feature flags malicious links on Facebook and on the most famous search engines to always keep your safe and secured. At the same time, the proactive engine in the BullGuard Internet Security suite spots and removes even the advanced threats because of the Behavioural detection feature.

• Limit the Facebook apps number which you allow using your information – You never know whose hands which information might end up in.
• For Every Social Media Account, you create, select a different password that has at least 8 characters and includes number, upper care as well as lower case letters.
• Check online social exposure constantly – a simple “Google yourself” once in a while will do
• Always ask your friends for permission for tagging them in the post or check them into the places

These are a few tips to keep your social media account safe and secure suggested by the BullGuard Antivirus.

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