How to Protect Your Social Media From a Social Media Hacker?

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Being a social media hacker makes perfect sense if you think about it. Putting your personal credit card information on your social media platform gives them easy access to your finances because your name and account number are all over the place on the card. Your new flashy plastic is also a very high-value target for hackers whose intentions can be to purchase goods and services at your expense. If you are not careful, then your social media accounts could be hacked in a matter of seconds, and your private data exposed to all. Here's what you need to do to avoid social media security risks:

Stay alert. Monitor everything that happens on your social networking pages. Hackers are getting smarter at using social media accounts to steal personal data and pull your social security number. Be sure that no one has read your updates or comments in public before publishing them to their networks.

Be Careful With Your Hashtags. Many social media hackers use hashmarks to send a Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack to large numbers of vulnerable websites. Because the hashmarks are public, every website owner can view them. A hacker who finds a way into the hashmarks can break into your website's networks and server. Do not fill the hashmarks with sensitive information such as usernames and passwords.

Be Careful With Your Links. Hackers love social media because it's an easy way to funnel people into their own scams. Once a hacker finds a link to a legitimate company or page on your network, they will track down your users' profiles and try to trick them into revealing their personal details. For example, if a hacker finds an official account of yours online, they may create a bunch of fake profiles in your name to attract you as a friend. Once they have your friends' personal data, they can tweet or comment on posts that promote these hackers' business.

Do Not Believe Everything You Read. There are many rumors and false stories circulating on the Internet that social media hackers use to gain access to important information about you and your accounts. These hackers might promise to delete all your files, change your privacy settings, or even gain illegal access to financial information. Don't trust everything you see or read, and if you feel that your account is being hacked, contact the company immediately to stop the illegal activities.

Change Your Passwords Often. Most social media accounts contain passwords or codes that need to be changed periodically. Hackers can guess these passwords, so changing them regularly will prevent any unauthorized access. Moreover, changing passwords will make your social media accounts less attractive to attackers. It is also good to change your passwords every time you sign in to different websites.

Block Your Profile From Viewing on Other Sites. If you are using a public social media site like Facebook, make sure you don't choose your profile picture or hide it in your private profile. If possible, remove your account from public sites, or set your account as "private" so that only people you know can view your social media content.

Keep an eye on Your Safety. Be careful when giving out personal information to other people. If you need to, hire a hacker to monitor your social media account for any suspicious activity. Stay away from places that could be infected with spyware or viruses. Be careful with your social media accounts and keep them free from unnecessary downloads.

Use Captcha For Protection. Using the correct Captcha code can restrict or deny a hacker access to your account. It is also advisable to use passwords with complexity and strength that are difficult for a hacker to break. Change your passwords often. Hackers can also use software tools to analyze your passwords to obtain other valuable information.

Report to authorities immediately. Immediately contact your internet service provider and the federal government to alert them about any suspicious activities on your social media systems. If you see any posts that are threatening, include them in your report to the FBI or local law enforcement authorities. You may also wish to contact the cyber security company that hosted your accounts to advise you of any breach.

A social media system is no different from a computer system that is unsecured. Hackers can easily get access to anyone's information that they can access within seconds of gaining access. It is therefore very important that everyone takes the necessary precautions to secure their social media systems from these malevolent people.

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