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Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder that affects around 1 in 10 females. It is a very common issue which is faced by women these days. It can cause excessive hair growth, period problems, and reduced fertility and acne problems. Many females are found overweighed when they are affected by PCOS. In this condition, tiny cysts develop in the ovaries as poly cysts mean many cysts. Additionally, the hormonal balance that you make in ovaries is also distorted. Here, the ovaries start producing more male hormones named testosterone than normal. In PCOS, ovaries have many follicles; they don’t fully develop which leads to affect the ovulation. If you are not ovulating then you might not have menstrual periods. Therefore, it may possible to have POCS without any visible symptoms. It may also happen not to have multiple cysts in the ovary. Most of the females have a very common question how do they know if they have PCOS? With the following characteristics, the POCS can be displayed. PCOS problems result in excessive male hormones, irregular periods and small cysts in ovaries. With these little signs, you can figure out whether you have PCOS or not.

How common PCOS is?

It is a very common issue that is found in females. Studies explained the women undergone ultrasound scan of ovaries found 1 in 4 young females have this disorder. Nonetheless, the women with PCOS ovulated normally.  It is assumed that one in ten females suffers from PCOS and face increased male hormones.

PCOS causes:

PCOS is the most common issue and most of the ladies are curious to know “what causes PCOS?” Although there is no exact cause of PCOS. But there are certain factors that contribute to this issue.

High-level insulin: It is a hormone that is formed in the pancreas which allows body cells to use sugar, it is necessary as it supplies energy in our body. When the sugar level gets higher in your body there are the chances of producing more insulin. It may result in enhancing androgen production and obstruct in ovulation.

Heredity: It is found that certain genes may relate to PCOS. It is not strictly inherited from parents to their offspring’s, but it can pass on in the families.

Excessive androgen: When it comes to PCOS the most common effect is that the ovaries release a high level of androgens. The impact of this imbalance is causing acne and hirsutism.

Weight: Overweight or obesity is not an underlying cause of this issue. But if you have overweight or excess fat that may increase your insulin higher. In this condition, it is important to lose weight as it will break this vicious cycle. 

What are the symptoms of PCOS?

More than half of women with PCOS experience excessive hair growth on body and face. Mainly, it can be seen on the lower abdomen, chest, and face. Apart from this, acne is another sign that may persist in females with PCOS. At times, thinning of the scalp is also seen during PCOS.


Your doctor may suggest your weight loss with the help of a low –calorie diet. The body condition can be improved with slight weight loss. PCOS treatment can help you manage the symptoms of PCOS. Apart from this, medicines can also be given by the doctors to regulate the menstrual periods. Pills that are inclusive of estrogen and progestin decrease androgen production and regulate it. In addition to this, progestin therapy can also regulate your periods and safeguard from endometrial cancer.

When suffering from PCOS, they generally do not ovulate properly or sometimes don’t ovulate. However, Clomid or letrozole is suggested to help you ovulate. In case of excessive hair growth, birth control pill or eflornithine can be suggested. It will help to block the effect of androgen on your skin. Apart from this, the PCOS diet can help such as complex carbohydrates food can help you to raise insulin slowly. In many cases, PCOS affects fertility which leads to childlessness. Females face issues in getting pregnant naturally. However, treatments like IVF can help you to enhance your odds of pregnancy. With the help of this treatment, lots of couples have completed their families. 

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