PCOS And Pregnancy-Can A Woman Become Pregnant In PCOS?

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Pregnancy With PCOS

There can be many reasons by which a woman struggles in getting pregnant. Polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS is also one of them. It stands for a hormonal condition and if someone faces this syndrome during pregnancy, they are at an elevated risk of developing some problems. 
Talking about PCOS, it is a condition where the ovaries of a woman generate higher levels of male hormones called androgens. Due to this condition, there can be an effect in her appearance, menstrual cycle and most importantly fertility. Various symptoms like insulin resistance, excessive face and body hair, infertility, acne, weight gain, irregular menstrual periods, cysts on the ovaries, etc. are there behind PCOS.

Why Problems Arise?

Due to PCOS, the body of a woman begins to generate higher-than-ordinary androgen hormones that are basically though to be the male hormones It is because they contain an elevated level of androgen hormones as compared to women. Talking about women, androgens usually get converted into estrogen hormone. 
Ovulation is said to be when high levels of androgens interfere with development and regular release of the eggs of a woman. If the egg doesn't get able to release, its fertilization with sperm will not take place. As a result, the lady will not be able to become pregnant. 

Possible Complication In Pregnancy During PCOS

PCOS can prove to be a bad experience during pregnancy for many women. It is because there can be some situations that can take place like miscarriage. It has been said that women facing PCOS have higher risks of miscarry in the initial months of pregnancy as compared to those who don't have this kind of a problem. Another problem that can arise is the preterm birth that can be identified as those infants who get delivered before 37 weeks of pregnancy. Those who take births as preterm infants, there can be various kinds of risks associated during or after birth even in futuristic time. 
There is a condition known as preclampsia where a mother can face a sudden increase in her blood pressure level after crossing the 20th week of pregnancy. This condition is able to affect the liver, kidney, and brain of the mother. If not treated on time, it may lead to eclampsia that can cause many serious problems like damage, seizures and even death of a person. One more condition that can take place is gestational diabetes. This is such a kind of treatable diabetes that takes place only in pregnant women. If a control is made over it, there will be no problems for both mother and baby. But there are some problems linked to gestational diabetes if it makes an impact. 

Pregnancy And PCOS Success Rates

It has been said that most women having PCOS get able to achieve pregnancy, they often take some longer time to become pregnant. We mentioned different aspects of PCOS and pregnancy. There can be some threats linked to pregnancy if someone is facing PCOS. That's why a great need to take care is required after achieving pregnancy. You can also consult with the doctor about problems linked to both PCOS and pregnancy in order to know about your desired questions. 

Getting Pregnant With PCOS

If someone is facing PCOS, she might struggle to become pregnant. It is due to androgen hormones prevent ovulation. But, there are some ways that can be adopted to increase the chances of getting pregnant. Like gentle exercise is one of them. If someone performs exercise on a daily basis, it will keep her body and mind healthy. Along with that, the overall body of the weight can be managed and if someone manages to make a reduction of nearly 4-5% of their body weight, there can be an increase in the chances to become pregnant. 

We'll assist you with some tips that will prove beneficial in falling pregnant. One of the initial things to keep in mind even before pregnancy is to take care of the health. It will not only cost you good but the baby will also get a nice start in its life. For that, we told you to indulge in some healthy practices like exercise. Another thing will be following a healthy diet and avoiding those things that are able to make destruction in a healthy lifestyle like smoking, alcohol, etc. Also, try to have enough sleep and deliver some gentle rest to the body. All such things can improve the chances for a woman in getting pregnant and having a healthy baby.

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