How Cloud and DevOps are Good While Working Together

by sourav Kumar Afinoz

To maximize the benefit of Cloud Computing while optimizing costs, DevOps is the best way to look forward. So, in order to unlock the real benefit of the cloud, it is always important to implement DevOps. If you don’t start with DevOps, productivity can become paused as development teams cannot deploy their code. So, it is always suggested to learn DevOps and do DevOps training in Hyderabad to know details about the DevOps and Cloud Computing Systems.

So, Cloud and DevOps go side by side while it is possible that you can have one without another but they will be much stronger when applied together. It is a classic case where the entire is greater than the sum of its parts. Even a few years back there was a misconception among the enterprise IT leaders that Cloud is only for the startups, it is not compatible with our IT processes. But it has been now broadly recognized that Cloud Strategy unlocks innovation and creates limitless possibilities.

Cloud and DevOps accelerate Software Delivery:

As per the report from the IT analyst from the well-reputed organizations, using Cloud or DevOps in isolation accelerates software delivery by just over 50% but using them together can achieve an acceleration of 81%. As per the report, the cloud can change the game for software delivery and operations but DevOps is required to get the full benefits. Like Cloud can remove a lot of barriers and friction but you also require fast and iterative software development and delivery processes especially DevOps supported by a commitment to Cloud-based tools and services in order to take full advantage of the benefits of Cloud systems. 

When applications are migrated to the cloud it will present an ideal opportunity to make the hosting platform modernize so that it can take advantage of modern cloud services. DevOps can be used to decrease the complexity and toil associated with maintenance through automating routine tasks. Whereas on-demand scalability can streamline software delivery and deployment while significantly reducing the expensive over provisioning common in on-premise environments. So, DevOps and Cloud System together can release more time and energy for innovation and value-adding work that improves customer satisfaction. 

Overall we can say that developers spend more time to develop and operations staff can work strategically rather than face challenges with unplanned work. Many well-known companies struggle to achieve their strategic objectives as teams are very busy fighting fires. But a DevOps approach towards the Cloud Migration will ultimately enable you to extinguish many of these fires, once and for all. 

Cloud and DevOps Working Together Can Improve Operation Ability:

DevOps principles along with cloud adoption can offer a more seamless and focused route to operational maturity. It is mainly necessary for the businesses which have currently made the transition from start-up to scale-up. 

Cloud and DevOps lower total Cost: 

As the adoption of the Cloud is continuously rising, cloud cost optimization is becoming the top priority for CTOs. DevOps will help you in such a case. As stated earlier, traditional on-premise server environments are basically over-provisioned to provide enough capacity to meet the demand. Depending on your sector, traffic might spike annually or more frequently like Black Friday or in other ways Weekend Grocery shopping. It might also unexpectedly peak at other times as well because of unpredictable factors which are out of your control. 

The main motive is that you are paying for this peak capacity all day or even every day. Even f you turn off-servers during the non-peak time to save power, you are then still paying for the rack space, software licenses and network provisioning. 

DevOps training will turn this around after taking full advantage of the rapid elasticity offered by Cloud Computing. Automating key parts of provisioning, application deployment and orchestration means you can only use and pay only for the capacity that you require and when you need this. This will automatically reduce the wasted spend and keep the total cost of ownership down. 

How to Combine Together Cloud and DevOps?

When you want to build a cloud-native application from the basic level, the principles of DevOps can be embedded from the outset. However, existing applications can also get benefits from DevOps ways of working. It can either occur during migration to the cloud or maybe while following lift and shift. It basically involves revising, re-platforming and refactoring the application. This is mainly for modernizing and improving the infrastructure without going to the extent of recording or rearchitecting. For most of the organizations, it is a straightforward and quickest way to make targeted performance improvements in new Cloud computing circumstances.

As per the recent case studies by different IT experts, businesses that introduce DevOps along with Cloud adoption will not only save money but also accelerate innovation. Even, they have happier and motivated staff who are working on different platforms with the help of the DevOps and Cloud system. People become fulfilled and energized by their work. It will ultimately bring a willingness to grow and change and drive continuous improvement and commercial advantage as well. 

Infrastructure as Code (IAC) is required for successful cloud implementation. Cloud providers mainly created programmable infrastructure. Instead of configuring the picture manually, you can write scripts to do the work. In fact, not only scripts, if you want, you can fully incorporate the configuration in your application code. Though writing all the needed infrastructure automation code is not so easy, it needs a significant investment of time into DevOps automation and changes to the IT process. So, to know the overall process of DevOps and Cloud and how they work together to provide better solutions, DevOps training in Hyderabad or any other places in required to make yourself proficient and expert in this field and also get a good opportunity in a well-reputed company with practical skills and knowledge.

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