5 Web Development Frameworks to Look for in 2019

by sourav Kumar Afinoz

Web development is the process of developing a website for online business promotion and branding purpose. Web development can start from a single static page of plain text to even complex web-based internet applications with several dynamic pages, electronic business and social network services.

But today web development is not the same as it was running previously because there are large numbers of web development frameworks available in the market.  To utilize each and every development framework requires expertise in every field. Even the most experienced developers sometimes get confused because of this diverse inventory. The look and feels of the website totally depend on the framework you are using.

In the recent few years, the web development world has been changed a lot and it is very important to notice that in which direction the changes are taking place. In order to help the client business and keep yourself updated according to the latest trends and technology, here we are presenting the top 5 web development frameworks in 2019 that a developer must use to create a new stunning website.

     1. Angular Js

Angular can be considered as the best web development framework for web applications and it is already taking the lead position among the products provided by the Google Company for the web developers. This framework is supported by Google and show off a rich standard library because of the users who have written a lot of extensions for it.  It provides an enormous combination of low entry threshold and a complete feature set.

In comparison with the other web application frameworks, it has huge advantages including flexibility and rich set of functions. Due to its typescript support, it is a great option for bulky apps. With less development effort, Angular js online training will provide you with high performance for its features of two way binding and injection. However, in case of writing small applications on this framework, you required several free hours. Also, you must have sufficient knowledge about this framework for which a developer must need to study hard about all its capabilities and how to use all of these effectively.

Another great thing about angular is that it can support Animation, Ajax, DOM structure management, Pattern, Routing and other features. Other features that can increase productivity and boost speed are Command Line tools (CLI) and Template Syntax that can allow quick prototyping. It is best suitable for coding any single page applications but it is also good for developing progressive web applications, enterprise solutions and web applications which required dynamic content.

The Angular Web development Framework is used by Companies like Microsoft, Google, Paypal and other big companies.


     2. ASP.NET Core:

ASP.NET Core is a cross-platform with high performance and open-source framework to build cloud-based, modern, internet connected web applications. It has lots of great features through which you can build web apps and services, Mobile backend and IoT apps also. Millions of developers are today using ASP.NET Core to create web apps. This is one of the favourite development tools on Linux, Windows and macOS. ASP.NET Core is the redesigned version of ASP.NET 4.x with few architectural changes which provides more modular and leaner framework.

Other features of ASP.NET Core framework is that it is a unified story for building Web APIs and UI. It has the facility of Razor Pages to make coding page focused scenarios easily and in a more productive way. It is an integration of modern, client-side frameworks with environment-based configuration system. ASP.NET Core Training Online is a lightweight, high performance, dependency injection which has the facility of modular HTTP request pipeline.


     3. Ember:

Ember is one of the most trusted Javascript Web developments Framework which is rapidly growing and gaining more and more influence in the world among the professional web developers and business organizations.

The core features of ember are its strict organization, a support system for modern standards as well as older technologies and advanced version of the management system. It also allows the developers to make useful properties out of functions when it comes to working together. Ember Web application Framework is a great source for creating complicated apps used by companies like Microsoft, Google, Heroku and Netflix.


     4. ASP.NET MVC Framework:

It is a programming infrastructure which has been created by Microsoft or building, deploying and running web applications by using .NET technologies like Web services and Desktop Applications.

ASP.NET MVC (Model-View-Controller) provides features to build Web APIs and Web Apps as well. MVC is mainly a design pattern which is being used to decouple user interface (View), data (model) and application logic (controller). Such web development framework pattern helps to achieve separation of concerns.

ASP.NET MVC enables the full control over the rendered HTML. MVC also lends itself to a separated approach to the web development. One developer can work on the Controller Class whereas other developers can work on the View. This design methodology also assists in Testing. An MVC  web application can be tested easily and efficiently because the Model, View and Controller are all separated components.

It is easy to integrate with Javascript frameworks and provides a clean separation of concerns (SoC). Another feature of ASP.NET MVC Online Training is that it enables Test Driven Development (TDD) and also its RESTful URLs enables SEO activities.


     5. DJango:

Django is one of the popular web application framework provided by Python. This platform is based on a simple term “Don’t Repeat Yourself” (DRY). This is one of the older website development frameworks, released in 2005 but it is still one of the leading web development frameworks due to its modern view of problem solving with constant update and improvements.

Django web system has been built from one of the multiple apps that are recommended to be developed connectable or separable. Among the main advantages of Django are its scalability, flexibility and universal application. You can build any type of application using Django, starting from a smaller scale project to a complex solution. Django also offers protection against any security errors to keep your project safe. So, if your website is demanding for high-level traffic, it is the best platform to choose for. It is widely used by companies like Instagram, NASA, Pinterest and many more.



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