How Can You Use Crowdfunding for Natural Disasters?

by Daniel M. writter

Natural disasters destroy communities from the inside. Not only they destroy houses, but they disrupt the day-to-day functions and the pillar organisations of the society. In such unpredictable times, crowdfunding can save many lives. Keep reading to find out how you can use crowdfunding to help natural disaster victims.

Crowdfunding is the practice of raising money for a cause or venture from small donations by a large number of people. In case of a natural disaster where livelihood, housing, and other facilities are either lost or scarce, crowdfunding can fill in the gaps by raising money for temporary shelter, food and water, healthcare and other necessary facilities. Below mentioned are some ways that crowdfunding can help in case of a natural disaster.

Restoring Infrastructures: 

The most common damage of a natural disaster is the destruction of buildings and infrastructure. Hospitals, schools, homes, community centres and churches need to be restored to restore normality. For this rebuilding project, the community needs funds and human resources. Crowdfunding can raise money for restoration, and NGOs can collaborate with the government and infrastructure development to start the projects as soon as possible. 

Crowdfunding Blood Donation Drive:

Blood donation drives are the most important event in case of a natural disaster. Many people require a blood transfusion after the disaster, and the hospital may need to put up new blood banks as well. You can practice reward-based fundraising using coupons or small gifts for people who come to the blood donation drive. It also helps to create a donation drive campaign with strong visuals conveying the urgency of the situation.

Raising money for Essential Supplies:

In cases of extremities, people can lose access to all essential supplies. This includes staples such as food, grain, waiter, clean clothes and sanitary products for women. Crowdfunding can help in providing these supplies to the people by raising money and collaborating with retail shops.

Medical Crowdfunding:

While medical crowdfunds provide major help in natural disasters, the community is also in need of hands-on help. Along with medical crowdfunding, raising money for healthcare equipment, medicines, treatments, volunteering also has to take place. Doctors, paramedics, nurses and other people can volunteer on-site and do whatever work is required at that time. You can organise an online crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for such institutions and non-profits. 

Kick-Starting Community:

After the community has rebuilt its pillars, another hurdle to come over is to resume work. Many offices, shops, small businesses shut down after a natural calamity hits. Educational institutes also suffer through the loss of lives, supply, skilled labour, etc. To kick-start the community, crowdfunding is needed to resume the day-to-day functions of different institutions. People can also volunteer to teach, manage offices or provide HR services through crowdfunding. 

Funding Community Housing and Orphanages:

Natural disasters leave many children and young adults homeless. They also disrupt community housing centres already built for the poor people of the area. Donation-based crowdfunding can fund orphanages, community centres or non-government organisations that can help rebuild these institutions. Besides this, supplies such as food, clean drinking water, footwear, clothes etc can also be obtained by crowdfunding.

There are many more ways you can raise money for aiding natural disaster victims. Crowdfunding for natural disasters is a very important practice for developing countries or areas prone to natural disasters. During the pandemic, which can be seen as a natural calamity, many fundraisers have popped up across the internet. Many crowdfunding platforms like Ketto also provide services without any platform charges to increase the margin of financial aid going to the benefactor. Moreover, these platforms make it easy, even for a common citizen of the country, to raise funds and help in the redevelopment of the society from the safe confines of their homes.

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