How Can Dance and Movement Therapy Help You With Your Addiction

by Ibo Green Business
Anxiety and stress is the major cause a person becomes alcoholic or drug addict. In a way, they try to find a way out of all their problems by being lost in the unknown dreamy world of addiction with no worries and no responsibilities. But this escapist attitude ends soon as the intoxication level lowers, and the addict craves for more! Addiction is a monster that has destroyed millions of lives and families and yet innumerable people end up following into the footsteps of these people. The problem is that they don’t know the right solution for their problem and switch to an escapist route that actually makes them sink deep into the horrible ocean of destruction. Our stuffed up emotions and worries need to be vented otherwise they mess up with our mind and we end up choosing the wrong path to express our feelings. Friends, an ideal remedy to express whatever we have inside of us is one that doesn’t interferes with our physical and psychological health, and dance and movement therapy is one of the therapies that make you healthier along with helping you to fight addiction.

Dance is not just an art but a medium through which we express what words cannot utter. The moves, the expressions all work in the direction of connecting us to our inner core and find a solution within our own consciousness. Movement therapy is a perfect amalgamation rejuvenating body, mind, heart, and soul at the same time. Since ancient times, dancing has been a route to express our jovial mood and the rhythms automatically lead to secretion of mood booster hormones that make us feel energetic and lively all again. Modern man has forgotten this old art of mood lifting and has switched to passive methods that seem good presently but ruin us in the long run.

Choosing dance and movement therapy for addiction is also a good way to meet new people and make good friends to share your experiences and find some helpful solutions for your problem. The harmonious jamming sessions will offer a feeling of being connected. Loneliness is also one of the greatest reasons people take to drugs and alcohol. Being around in company of your friends and loved ones keeps you occupied and no problem seems too big to handle. You can even ask your cousin or friend to join the dance and movement therapy sessions together to take your bonding a notch higher. 

Gadsden opiate addiction treatment sessions can be booked online. You can even combine your dance and movement therapy sessions with yoga and meditation to relieve your mind and body of all the negative energy. Take a demo session today to experience the wonder of movement therapy!

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