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Drug addiction is also commonly known as substance dependence. In case of an addiction, the individual is unable to continue his regular routine without the substance or drug. In case such substance or drug is made inaccessible or difficult to procure, the individual faces major withdrawal symptoms, which at times can get fatal as well.

Whether an individual is addicted or not can be diagnosed by the fact that this individual would persistently take or crave to take the drug or substance even if that is creating a problem. Repeated use of such drugs create a tolerance level in the individual and thus once that drug is stopped or limited, the individual would be facing major withdrawal symptoms.

Some of the legal or illegal drugs which are known substances for addiction include stimulants, substituted amphetamines, cocaine, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, sedatives, hypnotics, benzodiazepines, morphine, barbiturates, and many more. These drugs have varied effects on the human beings ranging from moderate to very high effects.

Some of the reasons for drug addiction include genetic predisposition, self-medication theory and social or economic reasons. This disease of addiction is complex to treat but it is treatable. The treatment for alcoholism is most commonly known as rehabilitation.

The addiction treatments or rehabilitation programs are designed to reduce the misuse of substance by the individual, improve the individual’s functioning abilities, and finally minimizing the medical and social complications related to substance addiction and abuse. Such a rehabilitation program would differ according to the type of drug, duration of addiction, quantity of drug taken and the social issues of the patient. All this is handled by Ibogaine treatment heroin withdrawal.

The various residential drug rehabilitation treatments include the 12 step program also commonly known as the therapeutic communities and cognitive behavioral therapy. The later tends to take into account the emotions, feelings, thoughts and behavior of an individual and believes that a minor change in any one of them can completely reverse or change the effect of rehabilitation program. This therapy visualizes the issue of addiction as a behavior which is controllable, curable and unlearned if tried rather than a disease. And thus this treatment at times might believe that a controlled use of drug or substance than complete abstinence is a practical possibility.

Treatment to substance addiction or drug addiction in a number of ways such as residential or in-patient treatment, out-patient treatment, treatment provided by local support groups and extended care centers, treatment at recovery or sober houses, and addiction counseling. Depending on the severity of addiction, the type of treatment would vary. The more seriously addicted generally need a residential treatment whereby the patient is isolated from the society, primarily the source of substance or drug- the social circle or the dealers involved in the supply of such drugs.

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