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Substance Abuse or Drug Abuse is the misuse of a particular substance. This is also commonly known as Drug Addiction. Addiction can be defined as a strong urge to take a substance or a drug even though his body or his mind if facing severe problems after the substance is taken. With repeated and regular use of such drug or substance, the body’s tolerance level for that particular substance increases so much so that in case that drug is controlled or stopped, the body would react negatively which is known as the withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal symptom generally varies from the type of drug taken and the severity of the addiction the body is used to. The withdrawal symptoms can range from headache to shaking of body to severe sweating to even more serious one such as diarrhea and increase in blood pressure and heart rate. The withdrawal symptoms for certain drugs can also prove to be fatal.

Addiction is a complex behavior of the mind but it is treatable. Traditional concepts of Substance Abuse treatments at Ibogaine Treatment Centre Mexico have treated substance abuse as a disease which has been biologically originated further substantiated by the environmental factors such as the economic and social environment of an individual. But gradually the concepts regarding substance abuse treatment are gradually changing and the treatments are more patient oriented. The modern treatments believe that addiction is primarily a psychological issue whereby an individual believes that he cannot continue his normal routine without the consumption of the substance or drug he is addicted to.

The treatment at Ibogaine treatment facility Mexico of substance or drug abuse would vary from person to person and from drug to drug. Such a treatment is generally planned on the basis of type of drug the person is addicted to, the time period of such addiction, the quantity of substance taken and the individual person’s personal attributes such as his ability to cope up with the situation, will power, social contact and well-being among others.

The treatment for substance abuse can be either administered from an out-patient facility or a local support group or an extended care facility or a recovery or sober house or in the extreme cases an in-patient treatment house depending on the severity of addiction the patient is under. The out-patient facility generally treats a considerably stable person who is under the influence of certain addiction but has the will to overcome the same. These facilities generally provide a combination of medication and individual or group counseling sessions of the patient to treat the addiction. The in-patient facility is required for the treatment of severely addicted patients who need to be isolated from the source of drug or substance also known as the dealer of the drug so that there can be a complete abstinence from the substance in discussion.

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