How Ayurvedic Kidney disease treatment is changing the lives of kidney patients?

by Rahul Kumar Health and Medical

Kidney Diseases among patients from all over the globe are rising rapidly with every 1 in10 people suffering from kidney disease. Even though kidneys are among the most important organs of our body, problems like High Blood Pressure and Diabetes have become major causes of kidney problems. Data suggests that over 14% of the world's population suffers from CKD (Chronic Kidney Diseases). Not just CKD, many people worldwide suffer from various kidney problems.

What makes the condition even worse is that many of these patients are unaware of the fact that they are suffering from any kidney problem. When these problems are left unnoticed, they further lead to serious medical conditions including Kidney Failure, etc. In these cases, doctors either suggest dialysis or kidney transplant. But Ayurvedic kidney disease treatment is now widely accepted by medical experts as it changes the lives of kidney patients without dialysis or kidney transplant. 

How does your lifestyle affect Kidneys?

Ayurveda is a part of medical science that follows a holistic approach to cure kidney problems. While homeopathic and allopathic doctors rely on medicines made from drugs, Ayurveda focuses on providing treatment that not just treats kidney disease but also revives the complete body. Ayurvedic treatment consists of two important factors: Ahar (Diet) and Vihar (Lifestyle).

Your lifestyle and diet are the major reasons behind kidney diseases. An unhealthy diet or poor lifestyle always results in kidney problems. Here are a few things that might be harming your kidneys:

Overusing Pain Killers

If you take painkillers frequently to alleviate pain in muscles, they might give you relief for a short period but they leave a negative long-lasting effect on your kidneys. If you already suffer from kidney disease, intake of heavy amounts of painkillers can make the condition serious. This is why it is recommended to take heavy amounts of painkillers.

High Sodium Intake

If you consume food products with too much, you might be harming your kidneys. High levels of sodium are not good for kidneys as they hamper the filtration process. They can also result in kidney failure or kidney stones. Hence, it is always advised to eat food products that are healthy and have less amount of sodium or phosphorus. You may use natural herbs instead of salt to give a unique taste to your food.

Eating Processed Food

Whether it is for the kidney or the whole body, eating processed food is never recommended. They are rich in sodium and phosphorus. These elements are not just harmful to kidneys for bones as well.Processed food is kept for hours inside packets. They have zero nutritional content. Therefore all kidney patients are asked to avoid consuming processed food products.

Not having adequate sleep

Not sleeping enough not just makes you lethargic but also hampers the smooth functioning of your body. It can further give rise to problems like stress and high blood pressure resulting in kidney diseases. Taking adequate sleep gives enough energy to all your organs, including the kidney, to perform all their functions properly.

Consuming too much alcohol

Heavy drinking directly doubles the risk of having chronic diseases. Drinkers who also smoke are always at the risk of damaging their kidneys and developing other serious chronic diseases. Alcohol and tobacco are not just harmful to kidneys but the whole body. Hence if you want yourself free from kidney diseases or other problems, reduce or stop the intake of alcohol and tobacco.

Not Exercising

A sufficient amount of exercise is required by the body to keep it healthy. If you are unable to maintain a healthy lifestyle by not exercising, it can give rise to problems like Obesity and High Blood Pressure that are among the major causes of kidney problems. However, an excessive amount of exercise can also damage your kidneys. Hence you must keep a balance to get the maximum benefit from such activities.

These were some of the lifestyle changes that you need to follow to get yourself protected from kidney problems. Once you are taking an Ayurvedic kidney disease treatment, you will be asked to bring changes in your Ahar and Vihar that include all the points mentioned above. Now let us discuss some of the major kidney problems that people face worldwide.

Common Kidney Problems

1. Kidney Failure: There are various symptoms of kidney problems that are left unnoticed. However, if these symptoms are completely ignored, it might result in kidney failure. In these circumstances, your kidney won't have any function including filtration of blood from toxins, removing excess waste, etc.

2. Kidney Stones: If you have inflicted any damage on kidneys, whether sudden or intentional, it will hamper damage to the blood vessels. As a result of which excessive nutrients like protein, etc., won't be filtered out and would accumulate inside the kidney, resulting in kidney stones.

3. Hematuria: Hematuria is a disease when kidney patients notice blood in the urine. If this problem is not treated on time or left unnoticed, it can result in complications like kidney failure, etc. Hence, patients who notice blood in the urine are advised to visit an Ayurvedic expert to get the best treatment for such a problem.

4. Kidney Infection: Kidney Infection occurs when bacteria spread to your kidneys from different parts of the urinary tract. Women are said to suffer more from kidney infections than men because of their body type. Common symptoms of Kidney Infection include fever, chills, body pain, etc.

These were some of the most common kidney diseases that people suffer. Some of them are also referred to as Chronic Kidney Disease as they last for a longer period. This is the reason it becomes important to take proper medications and precautions before the problem becomes even more serious.

Why Ayurvedic Treatment is preferred over other types of treatments?

Ayurveda is completely different from other forms of treatments available for kidney problems. Unlike other treatments, Ayurvedic kidney disease treatment focuses more on lifestyle changes. Even the medicines used in Ayurveda are made from rare herbs and plants that have medicinal benefits. Following a holistic approach, Ayurveda not just gives a satisfying solution to kidney problems but also revives the body completely.

Ayurvedic doctors are experts in identifying the root cause of kidney problems. This is why they target those areas inside the body that might have resulted in kidney disease. Using a perfect combination of modern science and Ayurvedic medicines, modern Ayurveda methods are designed to revive the complete body thereby providing the maximum level of satisfaction to all the patients.

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