How are BOPP and BOPET masterbatches helping packaging industry?

by Jhon Peter SEO

The plastic is one of the most widely used products around the globe. The apparent reasons for their popular usages as these are cheap, glossy, durable, and serve purposes effectively. That is why plastic is an integral part of automotive, construction, piping, packaging, and consumer products.

Did you know that masterbatches and additives have a considerable role in revolutionizing plastic manufacturing industry? There are hundreds of color and additive masterbatches that are used with the carrier resin to manufacture quality plastic products.

TPU masterbatch is a great example which provides UV protection in the finished products by reducing color development and retaining physical properties. Moreover, this masterbatch improves performance and applies to both polyester and polyether-based TPUs.

Uses of masterbatches in the packaging industry 

The use of plastics in the packaging industry is well known. It is used for packaging water, soft drinks, juices, and other food products packaging. With continuous research and development, the packaging product has improved in performance with desired properties and functions.

BOPET masterbatch

BoPET stands for biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate. It is a polyester film made from the stretched PET due to its high tensile strength, chemical stability, transparency, resistant to gas and aroma, and electrical insulation properties.

The BOPET masterbatch has many uses in the packaging to insulating material industry across the globe. Here are the top applications of this masterbatch:

  •        Used in the manufacturing of food packaging and container.
  •        Covering over paper and insulating material
  •        Solar, marine and aviation products.
  •        Electronic and acoustic applications.
  •        Printing medium.

In the printing industry, the BOPP masterbatch is extensively used to enhance the production of film. The printing efficiency gets reduced due to high friction which raises the temperature and migrates the color in the end print. This masterbatch acts as a slip agent in the film layer in the printing mediums. It is an excellent alternative to conventional waxes and other slipping agent used in the production plants.

High-grade masterbatches and additives are essential to produce top quality plastic products to use in the market. So, there is a rising demand for innovative and international standards masterbatches in India and abroad. You must select a top masterbatch manufacturer with proven reliability and industry uses. Contact us to get high-grade masterbatches from India.

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